We had a package of good frozen vegetables – white and sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli seasoned with garlic, s&p – and it made a fine frittata with four eggs, a little smoked paprika and the remains of some old Feta.

Teddy and I were out once before and once during sunrise today. It’s mid-twenties with no wind.

I shot and sent photos of the panels to Sunnova in response to their observation that our production is down. The panels were snow-covered until yesterday and it slipped my mind to take the photos then.

Ron made a ramp for Teddy yesterday to help him get into the van. I brought it in today for him to get used to it. He’s not interested in climbing on it, at least not yet.

Today is Betsy and David’s 59th anniversary. What a life, what an accomplishment!

Impressive customer service from our Assessor’s office yesterday. I’ve been curious about a vacant lot on County Road. Turns out, it’s the end of a parcel that starts at 500 Nathan Ellis that the Town took (presumably for nonpayment of taxes) in 1999. A staff member called me minutes after I submitted a question through the Town website.

Not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the lot includes the little pond.