Rain; Teddy’s New Harness

It’s pretty wet out there but Ron decided to wake Teddy up. I insisted that he walk him as a consequence, which he did, more or less willingly.

Teddy barked a couple of times last night. I didn’t get up to check on him, and he did settle down. I fell asleep with my clothes on before 8 pm and woke up around 5:30 or 6 this morning. Felt great.

Ron is feeling better, too, now that he has Teddy to walk with on a regular basis.

Teddy’s new harness arrived yesterday and he walked extremely well with it this morning. We like it so much that we checked out the manufacturer’s website for other ideas and found some folding wooden steps that might help him get in and out of the van or onto the couch.

Still waiting for DNAMYDOG to acknowledge receipt of Teddy’s sample. They say it can take up to four weeks, plus two weeks for the analysis. We still have coverage on our homeowners, though, and I just paid another month’s premium.

Started listening to the Great Courses Books That Matter segment “The Federalist Papers” a couple of days ago.

Snow is entirely gone from hard surfaces, including the roof and the solar panels.