Free; Yardwork; Garlic

Free was ailing, the vet thinks it’s pancreatitis. As of yesterday, he seemed to be better.

I’ve been cleaning up the flower gardens.

Joined the MTR standout late on Saturday due to intestinal distress. Did a walk at Falmouth Heights. Mowed the front of the fence.

Spent about two hours planting garlic at the farm yesterday. Picked up prescriptions and shopped at Walmart afterwards, redeemed two of the three gift cards on groceries and staples.

Fierce storm last night, brief power outage but was restored by 5:30 am.

Did more weeding and pruning this morning and a transfer station run that was less crowded than what Tony described over the weekend.

Good news about Free!

Called around for garlic but not finding any, ordered some from Gilroy (!)

Did buy shredded straw from Waquoit, enough for both garlic and strawberries.

Spent some time weeding the oldest veg garden. Pulled out feet (yards?) of hairy, rope-like milkweed roots.