Tomato Sauce and More Misunderstandings

I baked turnips with garlic and breaded zuke and eggplant.

Made sauce with two pounds of fresh tomatoes.

All turned out well.

I went to CVS to pick up a photo order and of course, three employees and another customer assumed the worst, that I was trying to avoid the checkout line. I started to cry in sheer frustration. The clerk was sincerely apologetic and helped me with my order when the idiot machine failed to read the QR code.

Ron did the same when I burnt my hand on a hot cookie sheet, figuring that I yelled because I lost my temper and not because I was hurt.

The grease smoke from the oven mishap did disrupt the house, but thank goodness, once again, for the whole house fan, which took care of it.

It was hot and humid outside, so the poor central a/c has had hard duty to fix our air so that we can breathe.

Ron is off to pick up Robert. We/I packed him some baked veggies and dipping sauce.