Labor Day

We and our guests enjoyed yesterday’s cookout. The weather was good and I managed to not overcook the burgers and franks.

Made a big salad and finished the deviled eggs in the morning. Ron vacuumed, cut up the watermelon and shucked the corn; I cleaned the bathroom, made the melba toast/sweet pepper appetizers and did some last-minute weeding and pruning. Did a couple of quick runs for ice (Ron) and citronella candle and lemon (me).

Ron loaded the dishwasher and I finished kitchen cleanup. Not much to do this morning.

We walked from the Community Gardens to the pond. Ron treated us to Naukabout, which was nice.

We did a transfer station run with cardboard and yard work leavings, then drove to the Oak Street overpass but there were no locals and very little traffic, so we headed back home via Route 6A.