Dolly Domestic

I was shocked (shocked) to realize that yesterday, I sewed, ironed, cooked, vacuumed, washed dishes and did laundry.

Ron mowed the front lawn.

This morning, I did the transfer station run early. The guys at the transfer station said tomorrow will be a scorcher. Glad there’s nothing on the calendar that requires being outside. We are getting too old.

Speaking of which, Ron suggested a walk last night when it was humid and probably around 85. I say probably because we didn’t look at the temp until a half hour or so after we got back to the house. I made it to the start of Fairneny then felt I had to stop.

The day before, Geri invited me to lunch at Captain Scott’s, then a walk on the Sandwich end of the Canal afterwards. She and Free know a trail that took us from the canal through the woods to Town Neck Beach. Great walk and delicious Greek salad for lunch.

Betsy sent a nice email telling us how much she likes the Wampanoag calendar.

We did the usual Sunday chores, laundry and changed sheets, and I made a big salad for lunch. We had burritos for supper with stuff from the frig. I did some minor gone-by cleanup in front of the fence.

My main accomplishment today was finding out how to delete unread messages that Mail has lost track of: mark for forwarding, cancel, then delete.