Zucchini; Water Filter; Truck

I finally got it together and planted zuke seeds in the starter kit yesterday.

Also changed out the water filter.

Made it to the annual Roche Bros. plant sale this morning. Almost got run off the road by an entitled jerk (I had the right of way, dammit) and got poked in the arm by a thoughtless “handsy” one.

On the other hand, while in line, had a conversation with a charming woman who was enjoying the sun and watching the ospreys that are nesting in the parking lot.

Brought home gtoceries, two basil plants and two hangers. Split each basil into four and planted them in the old strawberry patch garden. Also transplanted a flower and an herb from that garden. Fingers crossed. We seem to have milkweed plants left over from last year: surprise.

Feasted last night. Brought home treats from Roche at 20% off (salads, soup, bread, cookies) and Polar Cave. We must be on the latter’s “Best 500” list.

Made rhubarb sauce yesterday.

The truck has been leaking coolant and has been running hot. It’s going in for a checkup on Tuesday, but this puts a crimp in transfer station plans.

Ron has been trying to check the alternator in this van. Not sure why he refuses to ask for help: bs.