Impeachment, Final Check

Moderate Republicans determined that while Trump’s Ukraine adventure was bad, it wasn’t bad enough to remove him from office. Wonder if they are as gun-shy of a Pence theocracy as we are.

Mr. Cooper endorsed and sent the final insurance check yesterday. Our painter has been nervous because he’s never “worked like this before,” whatever that means. What a luxury, to be paid as soon as the job is done. No one gets that kind of consideration, not employees and certainly not contractors.

Interesting that in a trial about the citizenship question on the census, an honest DOJ attorney recommended impeachment if congressional subpoenas aren’t honored. “They are hypocrites and so are we, I guess.”

Received two nice prayers from Betsy yesterday. I’d asked for a copy of David’s grace, which I love, and she included her mother’s favorite, which I believe I’ve heard at the Quaker Meetinghouse.

Phone screen was postponed to Monday because the recruiter was home sick.