Check, P&S, Donated Blood

The check arrived from the insurance company and is on its way to the mortgage company for their endorsement.

The P&S is ready for signature. We got word that the carpeting will be installed on Friday. The painter has been hard at work; Peter texted “the (stairway) red is gone.” Looks like we’ll be done with updates some time next week.

Had a mammogram yesterday, been almost two years. Glad it’s done.

Bought Ron his promised New Year’s Day cigar, but he won’t smoke it until it’s warm enough to go outside.

Starting to think about how much we’ll need to pay in capital gains tax when we sell Edgewater. We might have to sell Dixon and leave the Cape. Oh, tragedy!

Rented “Judy” from RedBox; horrible, I couldn’t finish it. Watched more episodes of “Trial and Retribution”. Borrowed “Deliverance” from the library. Anything to get my mind off finances.

Made soup from a package that Ron bought a while ago. Made pudding in the microwave. Boiled over, but still good.

Ron and I donated at Falmouth Hospital. Fought with him about lack of trust and disrespect; instead of walking with me, he had to solicit attention by asking for directions.

Then after taking the long way home to get beer at Kenyon’s, complained when I wanted to return the Redbox film to Roche because he “had” to get to Best Buy “before dark” (it was not even 3 pm) for a DVD reader/writer. He’d purchased a reader online which “doesn’t work”.

Turns out, the new reader “doesn’t work” either. I stopped listening to his complaining when he started babbling about how Apple was to blame.

We talked about selling Dixon, especially if we’re stuck with a huge capital gains tax this year. I vote for the Pacific Northwest, he’d probably prefer the Southwest.

I think we’d both be better off by ourselves if we could afford it. I’ll never be Melody and he’ll never grow up.