Tough Plants!

The hanging plants survived Tuesday night’s 20 degree freeze: the Million Bells still have leaves, and the others have green stalks.

So, I brought them in yesterday to see if they’ll winter over. They are annuals, so who knows; worth a try.

They also survived my spraying them, not with the organic insect killing soap that I intended, but with a bleach solution that Ron astutely noticed.

Watched the impeachment hearing off and on and did catch some highlights real-time, including Vermont Representative Welch’s neat put down of Republican whistleblower beefs.

Had a good, long conversation with someone from VIA benefits about the phone call with them earlier this week.

NEPS appears to be working. I’m not sure what changed and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on my side.

I picked Robert up at work. He was sick and I was late because I didn’t get an earlier message.

Totaled up P&B’s rent payments. Better than I thought, but explains why we’re short on funds to pay property taxes this month.

Checked out Ron’s health care premium payments this year, a whopping $1,300+. Next year should be better.

Met with a very pleasant gent from Homevestors.

I’ve been straight out running numbers for many days.