Pizza Sauce

Playing the “see what we have in the house” end of month game.

Had a big can of gorgeous ground tomatoes and a yen for cauliflower crust pizza, so made sauce. Topped the pizza with mushrooms, a home-grown tomato, artichoke hearts, basil and cheese.

Made tapioca.

Tomorrow will be chili and corn bread.

Forewent any activity involving money or gasoline. Don’t care much. Have been thinking a lot about the election next Tuesday. Wrote a bunch of emails about it.

Cathy has created a GoFundMe page to benefit Falmouth seniors!

Did some garden cleanup. Cut down the Joe Pye and stuck the seed heads in a big container, put it on the front stairs.

Planning to prune the Stellas in the back tomorrow.

Got to use the outdoor shower: great, except that I’ve got the Hot and Cold reversed…..