Tree-Trimming; Meds

Ron cut off some troublesome dead limbs that I feared might crush one of the rhodies.

I tested and set up a fine soaker in the garden in front of the fence.

In a panic about money this morning, I talked Ron into switching dental appointments with me so he could pay for his visit after he gets his SS later this week. I’d forgotten that this particular appointment is covered by his insurance.

Nonetheless, I was happy to get the cleaning and xrays done and had a really good conversation (uh uh ah) with the hygienist. Saw Cathy leaving.

Ron had his eyes examined this afternoon and got a good report. He’s been working on getting his meds switched to Walmart pharmacy, which I love. At this point, they have three, including one sent today by his opthalmologist. We went to Walmart to pick up his med. I bought Cathy’s scratch ticket for her birthday bash this weekend.

Horrible start to the day because of a surprisingly nasty email from someone I considered a friend. I’m not seeing much of a value in having anything to do with people these days.