Hydrangea Workshop

I’m giving up on the Mashpee Republicans and the local chapter of Compassion and Choices.

Blew up at a counter person in the wretched lumber section of Botello’s the other day. He gamesed me about availability of fencing materials.

Fine session today at Heritage on hydrangea pruning. Did well by the front ones last Fall, need to do the same this week for the back yard and possibly the new side plantings.

Second pruning should be done mid-May.

Hibiscus is doing well. I’ll put it out when we get consistent overnight temps in the mid- 50’s.

Sat in on this month’s Mashpee Misfits. Made arrangements for a talk on MAiD to be video’d at the next Mashpee Democrats Town Meeting.

Still struggling with Angular. Guess I’m not the only one.

Ron has a new ortho doctor! We squared payment issues away with Harvard Pilgrim. He may have a small fracture. They ordered bloodwork to be sure he doesn’t have an infection. He says it’s better today.

I did attend about half of Fit and Strong last Thursday, left early so I could meet Ron at the ortho’s office. Only three more classes.

Went over the monthly budget, again.

Raked out the two side gardens and weeded the front. Ran out of steam by the end.

Made a nice supper last night: Beyond Meat veg burgers and roasted yams. Beyond Meet costs a fortune, but oh my gosh, Beyond Good.

Alpha completed their first week of work at their new job and is getting ready for a con and friend drop-in next weekend !