Sick and Weak; Leaves

We’ve both been hosed by “Fit and Strong”, Ron because of his knee and me because of my ankle.

We’ve been stubbornly over-active, too. I made 8 quick bread loaves on Saturday from the remaining 6.4 pounds of free pumpkin.

Then on Sunday, Ron did yeoman’s work on the yard, removing leaves from almost all the beds. I finished up the beds around the deck today.

We did laundry and changed sheets on Sunday, but put off transfer station until Wednesday.

Ron had a brief eye appointment today to get photos taken. We saw Dr. Craig-Muller yesterday about his knee. He has an appointment with a new orthopedist on Thursday.

I’m gobsmacked by the young men who work at Andy’s. I was in there on Sunday evening for chowder and was irritated with a woman behind the counter.

I dropped by today to talk with the manager. Fortunately, he wasn’t there. I say this because the other employees assured me that they don’t allow her to bother them. The grands have said the same thing to me.

Is that what life is like for non-adoptees?!!