Docs; Blood Donation

Had appointments this week with Drs. vH and A.  Doc A re-burned the lesion on my arm.  It has shrunk from July, so we are optimistic that it’s not malignant.

We donated blood at Falmouth Hospital yesterday.  They seem to be the only donor location that offers pizza, and we took full advantage.  We went separately, since I had things to do in Falmouth in the morning.

Roasted squash.

Picked up Nader’s latest book at the library and dropped off movie passes to Robert and Peter.  Got everyone’s wish lists for the holidays.

The creator of Sponge Bob Squarepants passed away this week.  Ron told me about hearing a Maori version of the theme song on the radio; I sent a link to the grands.

Ron and I signed up for the VNA’s January fitness class.

Continuing to work on the .NET version of “Student Detail”.  What a chore.