Midas; Flu Shots; Service Center; Planting

Ron waited with me at Midas while they were checking out my brakes.  They found a bad caliper.

Went home so Ron could have some breakfast.  He was afraid to eat before.  Afterwards, we dropped off recyclables at the transfer station.

We went to Christ the King for a VNA flu clinic, only to find that their website was in error.  Got our shots at Falmouth Hospital instead, stopping on the way to the Service Center for gorgeous produce and other goods, including milk and cheese.

Ron dropped me off at Midas to bring the truck home.  Timing was perfect.

I planted everything from yesterday: Phlox, Coreopsis, Coneflower, Baptisia, Catchfly, Cransbill and Blue Eyed Grass.  Ron made tea and cinnamon toast.

Made eggs, baked beans and toast for supper.

Supposed to get a Nor’easter tomorrow.