Digging; Mulch; Rain; Mashpee 9

I dug out piles of grass and weeds and mulched around the big oval, the “Moonlight” garden and one of the trees.

I can’t remember how many bags of mulch I’ve bought or how many I’ve spread.  Did two today.  I think I did one yesterday to finish off the gardens on the right side.  Have three left.

Finished up just as it started to rain a little.  Came down harder around 3:30-4 or so.  I’ve been watering, too, so hope this helps.

The weeding has been killing me.  Feels like being run over by a truck.

We saw the film “Mashpee 9” last night at the Falmouth UU church.  Very affecting film, although hard to hear at times.  Ron let me wear his Mashpee 9 t-shirt; he put on one of his celebration shirts.

After finding the Wampanoag museum closed “indefinitely”, I called the Tribe today.  They said it may be open tomorrow, for sure on Monday.

Meanwhile, tried to find a copy of Paula Peter’s “Mashpee 9” at the library and the bookstore in Mashpee Commons.

They were both out, but I was able to buy a signed copy at Isaiah Thomas bookstore in Cotuit.  It was on Amazon; took a ride down there to save shipping charges.

Stopped by Dino’s around 6 to offer John Flores my “Common Sense is a Cape Cod value” banner.  He loved it.  I loved the mac and cheese and spanikopita, compliments of the always generous Dino.

Ron gave Robert a lift home.