Sort, Store, Contemplating a Life

Got an email from a cousin that my half-brother, Bill, died earlier this month.

There are two sets of obituaries, one from his wife and one from his estranged family, who outdid themselves, having reached new heights of hypocrisy.

“Bill had been estranged from his family for over 25 years however he always remained in our hearts. While we are sad to have missed many years with him it gives us comfort to know that he went on to live a full and fulfilling life. We are happy he found his peace.

“He shared the second half of his life with his wife and partner Gail (Booker), her daughter Kari and her husband Matthew Woodard of Southbridge; two stepsons, Stephen M. Coleman Jr. and his wife Lynn of Charlton; and Matthew J. Coleman and his wife Sara of Goose Greek S.C.; as well as grandchildren, Mateo, Liam and Isabella Coleman and Skylah June Woodard.

“In lieu of donations we ask that you pick up the phone and call a loved one, make amends with someone, choose to do the right thing even when it’s hard, don’t give up on people especially your loved ones, and always remember that it’s never too late to forgive and be forgiven. If you are suffering from addiction know there is help.

He will be missed.”

Needless to say, there hasn’t been a phone call to “make amends”.  I’m sorry Bill and I never got to meet.  It’s astounding that in the year 2018, both of the families with whom I’m connected have 6 foot pokers up their butts.

I spent a good part of the day sorting and storing Ron’s music.  We had words a couple of times.  He’d forgotten his second meds yesterday and was on a tear this morning.  He was also upset that the refund Wells promised hasn’t arrived yet.

I was able to get all of the LPs put away, but still have two boxes of CDs.

I got in touch with Stanley and with GenesisDJ about the power washer coupling and the MP3 turntable.  Downloaded user manuals.  Fingers crossed.

Picked up our CSA share and was delighted to see Seamus the dog and NO OTHER PEOPLE.  I made my escape as one of the grim-faced Falmouthites was pulling in to the driveway.

Stopped at Jack in the Beanstalk for bread, half & half and desert.  Both of us were famished for most of the day, especially Ron.  Grilled cheese sandwiches and salad for supper.