What Happened (Sunday)?

It’s quarter of seven and I’ve barely stopped, except for falling asleep watching TV.

Did laundry, changed sheets, did the transfer station run.

Cooked: Swiss chard and summer squash with onion and garlic; baked frozen tortellini from Whole Foods and made stuffed zucchini to take advantage of the oven and put together a big salad with lettuce from the Pantry, our cuke and tomatoes.

Surprised Ron by winding up a ratchet strap.  Did some cleanup downstairs while the laundry was going.

GERD last night, finally got it under control.

Ron was annoyed at my singing and making noise, which made me snap.  Irritable today; thank goodness for the a/c’s, but cooking raised the kitchen temp to 86 degrees and humid.

Tired.  Maybe a low levothyroxine day?