More Organization

Ron must have paid a fortune to move his LPs.  Between us, we put 8 boxes into the new den.  Must be 500 pounds or more.

We also moved the sideboard against the outside wall, thus providing floor space for any one of a number of endeavors: carpentry, workout, sorting and culling.

I found a box of documents that I’ve been looking for since we brought 5 bags of paper to be shred to the Barnstable Senior Center in mid-May!  The docs include college and even a high school transcript, SAT and GRE scores, old mortgage papers, resumes and other memoirs.  So happy to have these.

The good people at Sullivan Tire in Falmouth changed the oil in my truck today.  I had a very minor check engine light, briefly, but was able to delete it, and the mechanic said the truck is okay.  Got coffee and a fritter at Cumby.  Three cop cars were there to investigate an assault that had happened a short while beforehand.

Picked up a red pepper and coffee at Shaw’s, we were out, and made a deposit at the Credit Union so I could make a payment that was due tomorrow.

Ron picked up a doodad at Aubuchon which he hoped will fix the power washer hose fitting, but no joy.  He was able to scrape off the old transfer station stickers.

I spent some quality time in the hammock and watched a hummer feed at the bee balm.

We fed the gardens.  Ron did the back, I did the front.