Shredding; Essentially Ellington; Squirrels Nest?

This is the weekend of Essentially Ellington, which takes the curse off the worst holiday of the year, MotherF*g Day.

We unloaded the truck at the transfer station.  Only had to pay $9, a deal.  I hated to leave the wood pieces.

We brought five bags of shredding, including old tax returns and CapeCoder files, to the Barnstable Senior Center, courtesy of AARP.  Got there at 11:10 which was smart; they were lined up starting at 10, as I predicted.

We got sidetracked this afternoon trying to remove a squirrels nest under the solar panels.  Ron was able to remove or at least displace some leaves with the water blaster, but we need to come up with a different strategy to get rid of all of it.

While Ron worked on nest removal, I brought a second load to the transfer station, this time all recyclables.

Ron water-blasted the front door, and it looks much better.

I mowed the front lawn.  House across the street is under agreement.  I guess no one minded my sign after all!