More Basement Cleanout

We are purging: nonworking dehumidifier, nonfunctional tables, fake flowers, cardboard and other recyclables. Ron has two more bags of paperwork to go through. More stuff, including my “crip” boot and canes, went into the attic.

Ron delivered to the transfer station and St. Vincent dePaul. I washed the floor and provided entry to anyone who wanted to work(didn’t happen).

The materials arrived today from Falmouth Lumber for Ron’s workshop shelves.

Scientists predict that we are heading for another mid-Pliocene era. Sea levels would be 30 meters higher than today and grasslands and savanna would predominate. Spoiled children will demand pet zebras. Expect SmartPak Equine to dive in to this new market.

Smokey was by this morning for the first time in days. He’s getting hefty, maybe because he’s not allowed to wander as much as he has in the past.

This afternoon, Ron mowed and I raked and weeded the lawn.

Still sick but not so bad; must have met this virus before. Spent some quality time in the hammock and watched the birds.