Break in the Weather

It’s that time of year that the weather gets blamed for colds and other “bugs”, as if sudden changes in temperature make people get sick.
After a couple day spell of freezing cold weather, it’s been mild for the last two days.

I spent a good part of the weekend doing yard cleanup and window box decorating at #11.
Yesterday, Candy and John delivered her old stove, and the plumber is scheduled this afternoon to take a look at what’s needed to run a gas line and hook it up. We’re supposed to do a refrigerator swap today at #20, a nuisance since the transfer station isn’t open today, and I’m not sure where I’m going to put the old frig.
If it weren’t a work day, it would be a good time to use the new leaf bagger, which arrived yesterday, way ahead of schedule. I ordered it online, paid $5-10 less than I would have in a brick and mortar store, with no shipping charges.
I’m pretty sure that there’s something wrong with my Airport and hope to replace it today. Network configuration is my weakest technical skill, I hate doing it, don’t understand it and fear messing things up when changes are needed.