Gardener’s Diary

I dug up – at least as much as I could – and threw away the hateful fairy rose that used to occupy the right side of the front fence.
Good riddance.
I’ve injured myself dozens of times on that plant’s nasty thorns – either tiny ones that embedded painful, almost invisible fragments in your hands, or gigantic quarter inch long scimitar-like monstrosities.

Further, the bush always ended up a chewed-up mess no matter how many times I sprayed. It sent out thick runners with only leaves and thorns, and it was impossible to prune it without getting scratches and puncture wounds.
Last week, I picked up 4 bargain azaleas at Mahoney’s and planted them in the front before the big rain storm on Saturday. The left side of the house still looks out of balance with the massive plants on the right, but at least it’s not quite as bare.
As planned, I spent all day outdoors yesterday, although once again, I didn’t get the second shelf installed in the shed because of yet another poor choice of brackets.
I did put up the pegboard to hold small garden tools and clamps for large ones like rakes and shovels.
I also mowed the lawn, went to the transfer station and washed the truck.
Visited my doctor’s office two days ago so she could check out my right eye and give me a read on my bad right hand. I’m waiting for an appointment with the specialist, but in the meantime, have been shoving Erythromycin ointment in the eye – obtained at no cost from the Stop & Shop pharmacy.
Earlier in the week, I picked up some little mums at Home Depot and made arrangements for someone to measure for a cellar door.
I’d also purchased a step stool on sale and didn’t realize until I got home that I’d forgotten to take it out of cart.
Home Depot allowed me to pick up another one, but as it turned out, someone had carefully placed my step stool in one of the corrals in the parking lot.
Nice to know there is a honest man or woman out there, not to mention Home Depot’s generous policy for absent-minded customers.

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