Working; Libertarians Boo Trump

Made the bed, put away the laundry. Watered. Dug up weeds and trimmed a random woody plant that was choking the astilbe on the SW side of the house. Placed the ant traps under the sink.

Ron put up the clever wooden jar lid loosening device that was a house warming gift. Works beautifully.

Proud of my Libertarian brethren for booing the non-Libertarian Trump at our national convention. It made the news in all quarters. Turns out, four of us voted in the Williamstown primaries this year.

Spent a couple of hours visiting open studios at Greylock, Norad and Eclipse Mills. My favorite artist was in and I gushed unsparingly. I’d like to go back for small works, need cash to spare the artists the expense of bank card processing.

Made a nice salad (took an hour from start to cleanup, appalling), baked french fries and grilled burgers for supper.

My study is very comfortable with the A/C on.