Canceled the plumber for tomorrow.

Touched up bedroom walls.

Culled two weeks’ or more worth of emails, one from the insulation company, which kindly offered to send an inspector to check out the bedroom walls.

Mouse chewed a plastic bag that held Ron’s brownies last night. Ron is setting up traps.

We got married 13 years ago today, at the Chapel of the Bells in Reno, officiated by the Rev. George Flint.

Reverend Flint was the senior lobbyist for the Nevada Legal Brothel Owners Association and was honored for this service by his State Senator.

This fact, which I discovered only after the deed was done, caused Ron no end of merriment.

We refer to November 26, 2010, as A Day That Will Live In Infamy, not as bad as Pearl Harbor, but close.

In case you are wondering, the gifts for this particular anniversary are lace, furs and textiles.

We could use a King-sized blanket.