Bad Leg

I’ve been suffering since the tree walk; won’t do that again.

Bitter cold yesterday morning but warmed up nicely. Snow last night, a dusting, already melted.

Our next door neighbor invited me to tour her house. I was told ours was similar so hoped to get an idea of what our original layout was. Of course, I’m inept with third dimensional visualization but think half of our living room used to be their dining room.

I think the kitchen is pretty much the same. They have a room to the right off the kitchen which is probably similar to our pantry. They have a dining room to the left, which is nice. Their living room, which faces our house, is an add-on.

Ron stained the railing yesterday and did a good job, although this morning he pointed out a problem which he’d missed.

Having found his missing wallet, he’s off to do errands.

I managed to find a plumber to troubleshoot our shower problem. He made a great deal of sense on the phone. I sent him several photos.

The J’s will be here on Friday to paint. My leg is better today and I don’t want to mess it up again.

Made an appointment for physical therapy next month. The orthopedics office sent a referral immediately.