Yesterday there was a torrent in areas east of us, and we got a good soaking. Fortunate because it’s been dry for so long. Vehicles stayed in the garage.

I’d spent a couple of hours heavy cleaning so was grateful to not have to water, too. Vacuumed and bleached bottom shelves and put down new liners. Ran cookware that was on bottom shelves through the dishwasher.

Visited the North Adams and Williamstown Farmers Markets this morning. Very little appealed to me. Afterwards I went to Carr Hardware for shopvac bags and Bartenders.

Later I made a trip to the transfer station, picked up Dennis Lehane’s newest, “Small Mercies” and enjoyed a short walk on the bike path. Three trips that I would have done in one if I’d been more organized.

It feels like I’m holding up the house by will power alone.