Better Today

Glad to be feeling better. Tried the home COVID test; negative.

Hung out soaking wet laundry. Ron thinks one of his plastic bags may be blocking the drain in the washing machine. We’ll find out tomorrow.

Spoke with a person from Mutual Boiler RE about the furnace claim. Still no word from Home Service Club.

Pulled out another big milkweed root.

Lizzie trumped last night. She greeted some neighbors this morning.

Did some edits for NEPS.

Sinus Headache

Good checkup yesterday and no further surgeries recommended.

Yesterday, Ron picked up more plastic ties and did a fine job installing wire fencing. I did more weeding but quit early.

Woke up with a fierce sinus headache that is slowly abating.

Rearranging pictures in the kitchen to accommodate “Can’t Fix Stupid”. Patched nail holes with joint compound.

Ron dropped off my glasses for lens replacement. Using an old pair that works pretty well.


Worked on removing violets from the far left garden.

Ron cut a foot off the fencing for the far right garden.

I dug out four milkweed plants.

Lizzie is balking on her food. I missed a signal yesterday and she trumped on the kitchen carpet.

Adoption Research Articles

The odds of a reported suicide attempt were ∼4 times greater in adoptees compared with nonadoptees (odds ratio: 4.23). After adjustment for factors associated with suicidal behavior, the odds of reporting a suicide attempt were reduced but remained significantly elevated (odds ratio: 3.70).

Estimates of the percentage of adopted children seen in mental health settings fall within the range of 5-12%9, or 2.5 to 6.0 times the percentage of adopted children in the general population. 

Busy Saturday

Lizzie had leaked overnight, so I did laundry. It was so humid that the lines were dripping, so everything except for her blanket got thrown in the dryer.

Did the transfer station run and the Master Gardeners’ annual plant sale.

Decided I needed a little fun, so visited Carol and her shop in Chatham. She gave me a great sign: Can’t Fix Stupid. How very true!

Love her shop!

Tried to find Ballantine for Ron, left with Tito’s. Stopped at Agway/Chatham and BJ’s on the way back.

The day before, Bennett minded Lizzie while we visited Heritage. They did a fine job and updated us on some very welcome personal news.

Furnace Fixed

Peter and Nate of Barrett Plumbing was here yesterday to repair the furnace and install new outdoor shower fixtures.

We like that crew!

The NEST is working again.

Lizzie is better, had a normal Trump yesterday.

I did a late Transfer Station run with yard weedings and prunings.

Sprayed the maple again.

Carol submitted my offer to volunteer.

Ron is still trying to get his doctor’s office to resubmit their claim for lab work. It’s been NINE MONTHS. He was told last month it would be done and of course, it never happened.

Productive Weekend

It’s warmed up quite a bit, in the mid-70’s, and I’m feeling much better.

Did some yard work – sprayed the trees this weekend. Did a deep prune of the butterfly bush.

Planted the window boxes. Got shredded straw at Waquoit.

Lily of the Valley out in abundance. The redbud is blooming.

Put down mulch that had some white mold, supposed to be okay.

Spent Saturday from 10 to 1 at the second LCP workshop. Did a pro-Choice standout in Falmouth afterwards. Ron joined later but I didn’t see him.

Lizzie has had diarrhea for a couple of days. Didn’t eat anything yesterday, even plain chicken. We’ve tried to keep up; Ron washed the waterhog rugs. After much discussion (!), he put together a Y-connector so we can bathe her outside with warm water. Poor doggo!

James is coming over for lunch. Having checked out the cost of premade salads at Roche – $7.95 – we peeled potatoes on hand and I picked up a bag of shredded cabbage. Made potato salad and coleslaw this morning.

Cold and Damp

We’ll be living with no heat for a while longer, through the upcoming weekend anyway.

It’s been wretched outside: cold, damp and windy.

Had an hour-long conversation with a fellow Cape Libertarian last night. Was supposed to be a meeting but the organizers couldn’t make it.

He floated the idea of the US breaking up into separate countries, as many as fifteen. Seems like that’s the direction we’re heading. Wonder if that would work.

Started watching “The Year of Living Dangerously” last night. What a film!

Election: Class vs. Crass

Carol won 60% of the vote – an overwhelming stomp.

Karen did well, too. She was the top vote-getter in her race.

I’m beyond relieved.

Ron brought home a pile of music CDs from a thrift shop, then had a meltdown when he thought a stack of music from the Falmouth library was missing.

Turns out, they were in the second bedroom.