This is turning out to be a pretty good week.
The Senate, including the man-who-should-be-president, John McCain, gave the Bush Administration an “FU” on its latest exercise in right-wing pandering.
I had a nice project start-up lunch with a client and afterwards, caught the commuter rail to see the new Boston Conference and Exposition Center yesterday as a Macworld attendee.
I think the facility is every bit as nice as Moscone, but the absence of places to eat (and to park) is a nuisance. In decent weather, it’s a nice walk from South Station, though.

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Sunday Morning

I don’t want to do anything today but post to the weblog and watch the light change. I don’t want to shower, dress, change sheets, pay bills, fight the tourons on the roads and the supermarkets, or read about the haves and have-mores that swamp the news and entertainment sections of both the print and online media.

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