Riddle Me This

A lot of Bush’s support comes from the Christian Right.
A lot of Bush’s support comes from people who he and his cronies have terrified with their terrorist boogeyman stories.
So, riddle me this: if someone is a “Christian” right-winger, don’t they KNOW where they are going when they die?
No wonder they are so terrified: imagine what G*d Almighty has in store for them as payback for their anti-woman/jihadist/racist/anti-intellectual and generally hateful ways.
And I don’t think it’s a covey of virgin brides, either.

Got IQ?

Recently at work, we rehashed our options regarding a piece of source code which my company bought largely on trust, without understanding what exactly differentiates its workings from an earlier version that we (meaning I) have been slicing and dicing for the last couple of months.

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