Ron’s Eye Exam

Ron has two tears in his left eye that need to be lasered.  Aside from that, he had a good checkup with Dr. K.

Dropped off Mates for Robert and James.

The cobbler fixed Ron’s blue work shirt but said he couldn’t do much with Em’s boot.  I suggested they return them.

Dropped off soup for P&B.


Em; Hyannis; Cooking

Watered the new veggies twice today.  Sprayed the new shrubs with Dead Bug.  This afternoon, sprayed the viburnum with a milk mixture to head off powdery mildew.

I made a big batch of kale/tomato/bean/lentil soup as well as a very good cabbage side dish to go with veg burgers for supper.

Em and I shared a sandwich and chips at Barnes & Noble in Hyannis.  I got a request to pick them up at work; they bought new tops, shoes and earphones.

They dropped their wallet in the 5 Below parking lot.  Incredibly, no one picked it up.

We did laundry and changed sheets, which are getting threadbare.

Also did transfer station.

Ron was in a rotten mood.

The frozen lesion on my right arm peeled off easily.

Mellow Saturday

Ron offered to mow the lawn – good move – so I transplanted the Ascelpias that had migrated outside the garden.  Hope at least one or two “take”.

Cleaned up the kitchen from last night.  Not bad, most went in the dishwasher.

Watered the new veggies.  Weeded a little.

Chopped up peaches for Ron’s granola (he also added coconut and raisins) and made rhubarb sauce.

Finally made pizza from the frozen cauliflower crust.  Baked the last of the frozen biscuits and made stuffed zucchini.  Pizza and rhubarb shortcake for lunch.  Soaked and partially cooked a pound of Northern White beans; froze half.

Ah, Shut Up!

Ron was on a tear about the way I painted over the blue tape.  If he’d been more careful and used a knife, we wouldn’t have had a problem.

As it is, there are several places that need repair because he ripped the drywall.  Oh, goody.  And I thought this project was almost done.

Paid a visit to Cathy’s today.  She’s doing very well but still in a lot of pain.  Helped her with trash and brought her some hydrangeas.  I wanted to do a proper bouquet but there was a crisis…..

Capewide showed up at Edgewater when P and B were gone, and Robert hadn’t been told to expect them.  Their office didn’t prepare the driver with a map.  I found ours and texted it to him.  It was gobbledygook to me, but the Town had the same map, so guess it made sense to the pros.

Kept my appointment with Dr. A.  She’s terrific.  She froze the growth on my arm and predicted it would go away in a couple of weeks.

Stopped at Hubbard Paint to get swatches for the floor.  Parking was so bad that I couldn’t get to the library to return a DVD, so Ron took care of it later at the Mashpee library.

Drove home via the beach.  Had lunch and planted the 20 or so vegetables I bought at Soares the other day.

Tried out a new veggie burger recipe.  Turned out more like hash but tasty.  Cooked three which was plenty for us, froze five.  Ron made salad.

Finished Painting the Trim; Finished Setting Up the Raised Garden

We (mostly Ron) blue taped the walls around the mop board and door frames.

I was loopy by the time I finished painting.

We (mostly me) dug out a trench for the raised garden bed that Ron put together.  It was pretty much a perfect rectangle, a welcome surprise since he was sure it was “off”.

We have more soil and mulch than we need – thinking carrots and potatoes – but we’ll let it settle before relocating any or planting.

Got some changes from Jim for Roving.

Made fruit salad: honeydew, peaches, strawberries, apple.

Fourth of July

Peter came over this morning in the new car.  Gave him some produce.

He denigrated the car’s appearance, but I think it’s a superstitious thing: if he praises it too much, something bad will happen. “The Chinese have curiously enough the same superstition … that is to be found among the poorer classes of France and England; … if you praise your child’s good health, or rejoice by words upon any happy event, ill luck is sure to follow.” Folk-Lore Journal

I picked up a few things at Aubuchon, including trim paint for the new room, and half-off vegetable plants at Soares: tomatoes, peppers, musk melons, watermelon, basil.

Ron and I worked in 90 degree heat to dig out a trench for the raised bed garden.  I think he also did some watering.

Ron couldn’t find his iPhone – it was on a chair in the kitchen in one of his boat shoes – so we checked to see if he had Find My iPhone set up.  He did.

I’d forgotten that it’s part of iCloud, so you can find the phone in a browser, not a separate app.  I find the way Apple thinks to be very confusing.

Made strawberry pancakes for supper for Ron.

Painted the top, bottoms and sides of the walls in the new room.

Signed up yesterday to be a Sister on the Ground for SOS.




The Infinity is in Mashpee.  Ron drove Peter to Everett to pick it up.  Their round trip was about 5 hours.  Both fools opted for Route 3.  It sounds like they had to square away a couple of snafoos with the registration.

I drove Em to work at the Mall and picked her up a little before 2.  Did a shop at Whole Foods and got some good Prime member deals.  She got herself a cute little tunic/dress with her first paycheck!

Picked up a pile of produce at the farm.  Washed everything 3 times and still came up with grit!  Lots of greens: salad, turnip, beet, Swiss chard.  We had hummus with slices of summer squash for an appetizer.

Fed the potted plants and the smaller “bloomers” with Jacks 20-20-20 dissolved in the rinse water from the greens.

After supper, we did some watering and a little bit of overdue pruning.

I’m tired.

Lumber; AAA

AAA (Portside) recharged Ron’s battery and said it didn’t need to be replaced.

Found the battery booster Ron wanted for about $50 less on Amazon with free shipping.  Should arrive on Thursday.

We got lumber for the new raised bed garden.  Cedar was expensive; we settled on spruce.

Ron did a magnificent job putting it together from a corner kit that I’d ordered a while back.

After replacing the shower head with a handheld, he took the first outdoor shower of the year afterwards.


NY Times; Coffee; Laundry; Transfer Station; Sticker; Weeding; Watering; Benadryl; Nineties

We got back in time to drive both James and Em home from work yesterday.

Had it together well enough this morning to fetch the paper and make coffee.

Picked up trash at Edgewater and drove James to work. Slapped on the new sticker; got the transfer station and laundry done early.

Ron put in the last a/c in the bedroom. It wasn’t too bad last night with the ceiling fan, but it’ll be better tonight.

I did some weeding and watering and had an allergic reaction to something; thank goodness for Benadryl. We had a good rain the other day, but it’s been bloody hot, in the nineties, so didn’t want to risk losing plants.

I like the long-handled sprinkler I bought for $5.99 at Christmas Tree Shop and sorry I didn’t get one sooner.

Ron cleaned out the trap in the bathroom sink and watered trees with huge buckets of water.

After a lot of soul-searching, I punted on the bluestone pavers; too hot and the car deal blew a hole in our available cash. The seller was very understanding, said to call him in September and we’d make arrangements if he still has them.

Ron and I figured out where the septic tank top is, and we adjusted the size of the newest, yet unplanted garden accordingly.

Ron promised to get lumber so we can get the raised bed put together tomorrow and maybe seed.

The van’s battery died again.  We’re looking to get a battery booster at AutoZone tomorrow.

Memorial Service; Infinity G35X

Drove to Rochester and Rye, NH on Friday and Saturday for a Memorial Service for the wife of one of Ron’s college friends.  They held the service at the Seacoast Science Center.

The Center’s EDALHAB exhibit was built by Ron’s friend and three classmates at UNH!  The hot rods were a bonus.

Stopped in to Parkway Cycles on the way to pay for Peter’s car.

We stayed at the Governor’s Inn in Rochester; very nice!