Good day today. Did some work for Jim, had a good check-in with the cardiologist, paid bills, weeded a garden at Highfield (half a trash bag full of biomass), picked up some used veggies at Jack in the Beanstalk.

Ron made a great lunch – tuna with celery and some of Laura’s relish – and buffalo burgers for supper, which we consumed with steamed asparagus, beet greens and roasted beets from Jack in the Beanstalk.

Even though cooking is sometimes a drag, I really love it when we eat at home.


Between changing sheets and transfer station run (Ron loaded all of ours), I was able finally to cook the rhubarb and strawberries for sauce and crisp and boil the corn from last Tuesday’s organic farmers market.

We got a little more rain yesterday. Picked a few tomatoes.

Kick Back Day

It’s Saturday, but it sure felt like Sunday.

Rain started this morning and has continued off and on.

Ron and I went to the Wamsutta Club in New Bedford for Wepecket Record’s annual barbecue and blues concert featuring Sherman Lee Dillon and some terrific sidemen. As someone perched on “our” sofa said, it was as comfortable as sitting in your living room on a rainy day.

Busy Day

We were on the run for most of yesterday, Friday.

Ron had a doctor’s appointment in Falmouth and dropped off a book I’d borrowed from one of our friends.

We visited the Osterville Farmer’s Market. James is quite a hit with the other vendors!

Came home for lunch: sauteed squash and sage from our garden with leftover proscuitto. Salad with our tomatoes and cuke plus “used” spinach.

Ron drove me to C-Lab for a blood test for my appointment with vonHaam next week. Was the only patient there, in and out fast.

Dropped off another sprinkler, the new lawn mower charger, a penguin calendar for James and Italian ice for Robert, who had his surgery yesterday and came home last evening.

We spent the evening in Falmouth, first at a George Gritzbach concert at Peg Noonan Park and then a forum on immigration sponsored by Liberty Chalkboard. Thought the forum was extremely well done.

Great argument against so-called low-income housing in luxury developments.