Cooking; Em

I made an eggplant loaf and roasted a spaghetti squash.

We drove Em to work yesterday.  Ron bought the batteries and chargers he needed at Home Depot.

On the way back, we picked up mac and cheese at the Barnstable Village Market.

Fitness Class; Farmer’s Market

Ron completed his first fitness class today and thinks it’s going to be worthwhile.

I did more garden cleanup.  Was working on the house side of the fence when it started to rain.  Waited it out in the shed by the driveway: nice.

Removed a pile of violets and goldenrod from the old bean garden and pulled out old stalks from two big decorative grasses.  Stupidly, did not wear gloves, so my left hand got sliced to ribbons.  Got four bandages on it.

Bloody sick of weeding!

I picked up corn, potatoes, donuts, radishes and eggplant at the Falmouth Farmers Market.

Corn and Kale Salad with Cranberries for supper.  Ron helped prep and did most of the clean up.  Nice!

Kale; 67

We had more rain this morning, about an inch and a half in total.  Ron thinks it was closer to two inches.

Did a little more cleanup in the front.

Nice afternoon with my honey: we brought yard detritus and recyclables to the transfer station, then did a shop at Marshalls, Roche and the Organic Market.  Filled the truck at Cumby.

Roche was for coffee and cookies.  Organic Market was for vegetables.  Marshalls was for socks for me and sweats and a hoodie for Ron’s exercise class tomorrow.  I inhaled the raw kale and bad carbs for supper.

Set up the Dell in the new room.  Paid Ed, Arbella and MPIUA.


Ron is on a mission to find a metric bolt and cheesecake and to pay the MWD bill for Edgewater.

I was continuing with cleanup in front of the fence when the sky got quite dark.  Waited to go in until I heard the rain falling in the back yard and it caught me.  A fine deluge; those with water barrels must be exultant.  Thunder, too; we may if we’re lucky get a couple of hours of rain.

I’d watered part of the back this morning, paid bills and got squared away with not needing to drive Em tomorrow.  Offered to drive tonight, but Peter already took care of it; they only worked an hour.

Dem Is Trucks (Cows and Ducks)

Ron told me this yesterday and I thought it was great.

Sajo der dego, a toussin bus sin arow!
Nojo demis trux, summit cousin, summet dux!

Say Joe there they go, a thousand buses in a row.
No Joe, them is trucks, some with cows and some with ducks.

Seville, der dago
Tausen busis inaro
Noville dem iss trux
Votsinnims? Cousen dux.

See, Ville, der day go,
Tausen buses in a row
No, Ville, dem is trucks,
Vots in ’ems? Cows ‘n ducks.

O, si vile, si ergo,
Fortibus es inero!
O nobile, demis trux.
Vadis indem? Causem dux.

Isabili, heres ago
fortibus in ero
noces mari Thebi trux
vatis enim pax a dux?

O sibile, si ergo.
Fortibus es in ero.
O nobili, deis trux!
Vates enim? causa an dux!

See Willy der deh go,
40 buses in a row
them no buses
them is trucks
sittin’ in ’em (orig. version was “demis fula” = them is full of”)
cows ‘n ducks

Watering; Weeding; Gashed Finger

Weeded 99.9% of the tomato garden.

Kitty was by this morning and the rabbit this afternoon.

Watered new plants and companions in several places.

Ron did reasonably well with CBD oil today and got squared away with Humana.

Paid Chase and HFCU.

Got checks from NEPS.

I put a gash in my left middle finger and as a result, got to spend some quality time on the deck with Ron this afternoon.



At Home

Ron realized, much to his chagrin, that his project to fix the trash can shed is more involved than he figured.

I was thinking about going to a stand-out but stayed put to replant the hydrangea and water the new plantings.  That took most of the day, until 3:30 or so.

Also mowed the lawn and made instant pudding.  For some reason, I thought the latter would be a mighty effort, so the box had been sitting around for days.

Also made oatmeal, but it turned out to be 3 years past “best by” date and rancid.

Planting (But Seriously): Day 6

I put in the nepeta from yesterday and transplanted the goldenrod and geraniums; no more cheap pots.

Checked all the new plantings for root bind.  The hydrangea is the only one that worried me enough to dig up for replanting.  It’s soaking in a pail of water now and I may leave it there for today; the root ball is like a brick.

That took up the morning.

Paid the mortgage on Edgewater.  Our account with the new mortgage payment company won’t be live for another couple of days.

Did a quick transfer station run.  Brought home and planted a wild daisy.

Ron picked up a sheet of plywood from Botello and a pamphlet from one of his doctors.

Planting: Day 4

I moved the spirea to the corner of the driveway garden and planted the “Seaside Serenade” Monrovia in the hydrangea garden.

Sifted out grass and debris from dug-up front yard soil.  All in all, planting and clean-up took most of the morning.

Made scrambled eggs with cottage cheese for lunch.

I sat in on Ron’s appointment with his doc to discuss pain management.  It was helpful.

We stopped in to iCape to say hi to Robert, who gave Ron advice on phone mounts (Schosche, iOttie), and Peter, who was busy with a customer.

We did a nice shop at Roche and saved $20.

Ron made ravioli for supper.  I made a pot of brown rice for burgers tomorrow.