Gardener’s Diary

Two sales today, one at Roach Brothers and the other at the Fairgrounds, the annual Master Gardeners’ plant madhouse.

Ron built a frame for the new vegetable garden AND a sifter. We started clearing the bed for the new garden, and the turf was so healthy that I decided to use it in the front.

This past week, I’ve planted Hyssop (from the Master Gardeners), Joe Pye Weed, a couple of tomatoes and Bee Balm (Monarda). Also bought a beautiful hanging plant for the front and a flat of snapdragons for the pots.

The Miss Kims have lots of buds, but no flowers yet.

Retail, as Art

We’ve had the good fortune to trade at our local CVS with a young woman who projects the graciousness that was standard for retail years ago.

Every so often, I’ve been lucky enough to encounter people like this lady working in service jobs in run-of-the-mill places, and it’s like finding a diamond in a coal bin.

I phoned CVS to tell them that they are very fortunate to have this employee on their staff, and that because of her, I choose to trade with them rather than the new Walgreens that recently opened in our town.

I hope that only results in good things for her. I hope.

Gardener’s Diary

We’re in a weather pattern; over the last couple of days, we’ve received an inch of rain.

The seedlings in the new front garden have started. I planted lupine, tomato, oregano and basil yesterday from the wholesale nursery. Planted Bee Balm (Monarda) from the farm stand in Kingston as well.

I have my eye on some other possibilities like Joe Pye Weed.

A lady at Mahoney’s said this is the perfect time to plant because the soil temperature is optimal for root growth.

The “vegetable garden” now has tomatoes, lettuce, brussel sprouts, chives, basil, oregano, lemon balm, rosemary, sage, strawberries, nasturtiums, marigolds, tulips.

Looks like two of the three Shasta daisies didn’t make it.

Fluffles has lost a tremendous amount of weight; he’s now down to under 10 pounds.

Plant Sales, Ferry

100_4713We went to two plant sales and the organic farm on 6A in Barnstable and purchased lemon balm, brussel sprouts and Siberian iris. I planted while Ron sharpened a bunch of kitchen knives. We dropped off a package at UPS, picked up some groceries and made Krispy Treats.

We picked up Robert and spent the afternoon in Woods Hole. Ron treated at Fishmonger and we hung out so we could feed the meter until it expired at 6 PM. Saved close to $6 by not using the Palmer Ave. Lot. Caught the 6:15 Island Home to the Vineyard, got back to WH at 8.

Ron’s right foot has been very painful.

Friday the 13th

I had a good cry this morning about Max. I will miss the little guy.

Busy, busy day today. We dropped off Fluffles for grooming, then went to my appointment in Norwell. Ron treated to lunch at Strawberry Fair; this is their 35th year.

Showed Ron around Duxbury. We went to FarFar’s for dessert, Powder Point, Duxbury Beach and the Gurnet, the area around Standish monument, and stopped at the roadside stand on the way to Kingston, where we picked up a nice Bee Balm.

Dropped off some chocolate croissants from French Memories at Edgewater. Peter greeted us with his usual sarcasm, a big relief that he is getting back to normal. We are concerned about Robert and hoping to do a ferry ride or some other nice outing with him when he’s up to it.

We went to Rockland Trust to retrieve some of Ron’s jewelry, then I picked up Fluffles. We mowed the lawn, cleaned out the van and installed the two back seats. Ron had cleaned out Fluff’s litter box in the morning. I planted the three perennials from Emma Brennan and watered. Ron fixed the closet door.

Ron made a great supper of angel hair pasta and a garlic/oil/clam sauce – fabulous.

Still Sick

It’s been 5 days and I’m still sick – wet cough and sinus congestion. I’m afraid Ron may have caught it as well.

It’s been violently windy all day today, stormy and unpleasant.

I went out a couple of times, though, seeded the front lawn, covered the potato plants with a mixture of loam and compost, and picked up the brooding, sinister 2010 film “Black Death” at Redbox.

The moving company called; Ron’s things will be delivered first thing tomorrow. We’re hoping the weather improves.


We’ve driven through California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska and most of Iowa.

Iowa rules. It is so beautiful here – green, rolling hills; big, beautiful farms. It’s still early spring, so the trees haven’t leaved yet, but you can imagine how gorgeous it must be.

We drove through a part of Wyoming that is real high desert. The light at sunset was dramatic: pink. Nebraska is flat.

Mother’s Day

We visited Coonamesset Farm yesterday to pick up our membership card, some herbs and groceries.

Ron got a haircut and we brought the pile of leaves and brush to the transfer station. We stopped by Sweet Caroline’s on the way to Super Cuts.

I sprayed the inkberries with Fung-Onil, did some weeding and returned “Black Swan”, which neither of us liked.

Ron epoxyed the gazing ball to the cement base. Candy and John stopped by.

Ron put dinner together for us so I could sleep.


I have a deep, phlegm-y cough that started two days ago and a skin rash which has lasted for a week and a half. Picked up more OTC ointments yesterday. Fluffles woke me up this morning at 5 with his yelling.