Broccoli Cheddar Soup

I bought broccoli from the Farm a couple of weeks ago.  Like yesterday’s eggplant, it was begging to be cooked.

Found a good recipe for soup, and it is, as claimed, better than Panera wanna-be’s.

I was able to plant the next-to-last potted mum and mulched the ones from yesterday.

Washed out containers and tools and got things put away long before the rain, which seems to have just started.

I’m so happy to not be working in an office.

Ron had a good day at his fitness session.  He says his back and leg are “fine”.

I made a nice apple crisp in the microwave with moderately shriveled apples from the basement frig.

Pumpkin Bread; Eggplant Burgers

Did laundry, changed sheets, did the transfer station run.  Nice chat with Peter.

Baked pumpkin bread – very good – and eggplant/quinoa/sunflower seeds/Northern bean/parsley/chive/garlic burgers.  Very good as well.

Opened and drained the shower valves.  Ron had to help me with one; good thing he’s strong!

Made arrangements to visit David and Betsy.

Ordered incense.  Yesterday, I ordered a vegan Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods, $5 off.  A splurge but we agreed it was a good deal.

Planted six mums; worked until sunset; two mums to go.  Wanted to get them in today since it might rain tomorrow.  Missed some good soakings, unfortunately, but their soil was pretty wet, so I hope they’ll get established.  Looks like a mild week, temperature-wise (50’s).

Ron’s back is bothering him.

Pumpkin Madness: the Soup; the Pie

Finished processing the roasted pumpkin and made a simple but quite good pumpkin soup* for lunch.  Served it with French bread and a salad.

Made a pumpkin pie this afternoon.

Ron took care of ALL the dishes and cookware.


*Pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, sauteed onion and garlic.  Had planned to add half and half but it was quite good without it.

Rhodie; Taxes

We trimmed old growth off the rhodie.

I dropped off the Dixon property tax payment at Town Hall.

Talked with the chairperson of the Town’s new Affirmative Action committee.  I pretty much churned all day about the recent events at Santuit Pond Estates.

Ron and I cut my hair to a little below my ears but not quite chin length.  It looks homemade, but I like it much better.

Ron went to his men’s fitness class.

I went for a very brief walk at Besse Bog reservation, then drove around John’s Pond Estates.  The rose below is ours, from the bush planted this year.

Transfer StationS; Halloween

We dropped off the old slider to the Bourne waste management facility and got rid of the yard waste in Mashpee along with an almost-full recycle container.

We shared a horrible bowl of cheddar broccoli soup at “Avocados” on Barlow’s Landing Road.  Ron ducked into Aubuchon for hardware.

Dropped off Maine Root ginger beer to iCape for Robert and crew.

Ron switched out some of the screws in the new coldframe top.

Following a warning from Bankers, I was able to get credit reports for both of us from two of the three agencies.

Put everything back into the coldframe after doing a little weeding and cleanup.

Terrible post on the SPEA FB page.  I hope the Board does something about this, but I’ll bet they won’t.

We had a few visitors for Halloween.  Not sure how many, since Ron and I raided the treats!

Looks-Based Prejudice

When men avoid, disrespect, refuse to associate with women who weren’t lucky enough to be born beautiful, aren’t they exhibiting the same prejudices as anti-Semites and White nationalists?

My two grandmothers were homely women who were nonetheless healthy, productive people.

The evil of equating looks with virtue seems to have started fairly recently in human history. It’s the basis of all forms of discrimination: hatred based on factors which are beyond the control of the individual, whether it’s ethnic identity or race.

We Were Productive

We got the top – the old slider, recycled, and the wood around it was pretty much rotting away – off the cold frame and into the truck.

Ron cut a new top from the big piece of plywood we no longer needed to fix the now demolished trash barrel shed.  The cold frame bottom is okay, so, hoping for the best, he fastened hinges to the new top.

I wound up a bunch of soaker hoses and clipped gone-bys and dug up overgrown grass from the front and back of the fence.

Made thin crust pizza with my sauce for lunch.

There was a nasty plastic bag in the cold frame, and it fell apart into tiny pieces.  Horrible.  Think I got some in my left eye.

Did okay with holding down the plywood while Ron cut it, though.

I jammed one of Ron’s fingers while closing the tonneau cover, but he was okay until he poked a screw into a different finger.  Ouch.

We have a truckload of stuff to get rid of.

“Little” was here twice today!


Had nightmares last night and aside from putting together P&B’s anniversary gift – scratch tix and a card – and mailing Halloween greetings to the remote grands, I accomplished almost nothing of value.

Resurrected my old iBook but couldn’t get it connected to our wifi.  It’s not much good for browsing anyway; modern web pages are way too heavy for the poor thing.

Ron went to his “fit and strong” group; they are halfway through!  It feels like it’s gone by very quickly.

He saw his doc today about his intestinal distress.

A little before 4, I pulled up a bunch of soaker hoses for draining and storage.  Started cleanup of gone-bys but by that late in the day, it felt overwhelming.

We’d like to put the hoses in the cold frame, but the top is falling apart.  We might be able to load it in the truck tomorrow and replace it with the plywood that Ron bought for the shed repair which is no longer needed.  Might be some other old building materials that we could trash as well.

Continuing to stumble through the GIS tutorials.

I’ve dropped so many FB contacts that it’s almost not worth looking at it any more.

Made a stir fry and, much to Ron’s delight, biscuits for supper.

We started watching a DVD about the Scottish clans.  Well done!

Hard Day

It started off fine: Sunday paper, coffee, breakfast.

Ron got laundry started while I organized the transfer station run.  Put cauliflower and butternut squash in the oven to roast on low heat.

We got to Edgewater around noon.

Peter was still upset and angry about our last conversation.  Ron didn’t pile on but he didn’t have much to say either way.

I don’t want to write any more about this now.  I did send him a couple of emails afterwards covering some tangential things that I didn’t want to go into at the time.

We stopped for ice cream on the way to the transfer station.  By the time we got back, the cauliflower was charred.  We had it and some of the squash for lunch.

Got the sheets washed, changed the bed, did the rest of the laundry.  Unloaded the dishwasher.  Made broth with rice, egg and cheese for supper.

Picked up coffee, cookies, toothpaste and Halloween cards for Em and James at South Cape Village.

Put mulch on the pollinator garden.

I hurt: arms, legs, shoulders.