Tree-Trimming; Meds

Ron cut off some troublesome dead limbs that I feared might crush one of the rhodies.

I tested and set up a fine soaker in the garden in front of the fence.

In a panic about money this morning, I talked Ron into switching dental appointments with me so he could pay for his visit after he gets his SS later this week. I’d forgotten that this particular appointment is covered by his insurance.

Nonetheless, I was happy to get the cleaning and xrays done and had a really good conversation (uh uh ah) with the hygienist. Saw Cathy leaving.

Ron had his eyes examined this afternoon and got a good report. He’s been working on getting his meds switched to Walmart pharmacy, which I love. At this point, they have three, including one sent today by his opthalmologist. We went to Walmart to pick up his med. I bought Cathy’s scratch ticket for her birthday bash this weekend.

Horrible start to the day because of a surprisingly nasty email from someone I considered a friend. I’m not seeing much of a value in having anything to do with people these days.

Parties; Yardwork; A Tick!

After lying on the ground for a good part of the afternoon to finish securing the garden cage, Ron discovered a tick on his arm. We put it in a bottle for testing.

We had two parties yesterday (!), Ethan and Emily’s graduation and a neighborhood potluck. Enjoyed both.

I mowed the front in the morning.

Inspected the soaker hoses and put down three, including a new one, I think it was yesterday: corner garden, roses and the “oval”.

Today, Ron fed the roses and I fed the big tomatoes.

Lilacs are spectacular. One of the nine barks has gorgeous flowers. Beach roses are great this year. The knock-down roses are about ready to bloom. The corner garden is beautiful, mostly purple. I did plant some bright yellow portulaca, for sentiment.

Transplanted the original wood geranium that was getting overwhelmed in the garden by the back stairs.

Finally painted the plywood top of the old cold frame. Ron did laundry, I changed sheets.

Had left a nice bag at the second party. Hosts were kind enough to hang it on their door so I could pick it up at noon without a lot of folderol.

Have been harvesting strawberries, picking them early and letting them ripen in the house to defeat the critters. They are very good this year!

I did a shop yesterday morning for the parties and graduation cards. Found a pasta salad mix on sale and made it for lunch: good. Our friends fed us extremely well afterwards.

Roses of Sharon; Seeds; Vehicles

I transplanted several Rose of Sharon and broke the tap root of the largest. Other gardeners have offered hope that it will survive.

Work continues on covering the original strawberry patch. Meanwhile, the second patch is ripening.

I planted squash and bean seeds two days ago and positioned a trellis yesterday.

Brought the truck to Midas for a new thermometer and oil change. They discovered a set of clipped wires under the hood; mouse?

Meanwhile, Ron, in a fit of stubbornness, broke the driver’s side door handle of his van. It’ll take 2 or more hours to fix. Cormier’s has it on their schedule for tomorrow (Friday).

I wrote a utility to add students to DotDigital. Long session with a superb tech support person yesterday.

Made lasagna and brownies yesterday. Fell asleep around 7, got up around 5 am.

Cooked and mashed a root vegetable for Ron. Egg and green salads for lunch.


Have been doing a lot of it: hostas, tomatoes, peppers, cukes, delphs.

The peppers and delphs are from seed.

Tomatoes are from a farm in Marstons Mills and an amateur grower in East Falmouth.

Picked up two dozen bagels at Shaw’s, $5 for each dozen, thus avoiding The Hoard at the Senior Center on Monday morning.

Ron has been working on building a “roof” for the strawberries to keep out the squirrels.

Ron got the laundry finished, but we didn’t start remaking the bed and putting everything away until around 9 PM. We started watching “When They See Us” and couldn’t sit through it all. The 14 year old reminded me of James.

Heritage Rhododendrons; Transplants

I transplanted the Seven Sons and repotted the Kousa and Japanese Maple.

Picked up hostas at Lori N’s on the way to get trash at Peter’s. Met her exhuberant retriever and and “friend”. Transplanted all but one clump of hostas to the corner garden. Not sure of this, will wait and see. Planning to put the last clump in the back.

We loved the rhodies at Heritage! Took the tram to the carousel and walked back. I was missing my phone, had left it in the van, then left the keys in the van door.

We got to see the LaSalle and Duesenberg out for a spin.

Hibiscus; Seedlings; Memorial Day

A couple of days ago, we put out the big tropical Hibiscus and the tray of seedlings. I tried transplanting the nasturtiums.

The greens I planted from seed are growing very well.

Washed the poor truck this morning, and it has tree droppings all over it again. Ron washed the van in the afternoon.

Made potato salad, cole slaw and sauteed onions and peppers. Keeping busy. Nice messages from Lori and Eric.

Got a message from a fellow Cape Cod gardener around 3:30 or so, inviting us to bring home three little trees: Japanese maple, Seven Sons and a Kousa dogwood. Was pleased to get a tour of her gardens, which I’ve been hoping to do for a year. The trees are on the deck. Planning to plant the Seven Sons; she recommended waiting on the others until Fall.

My left hand has been hurting, I did something to reinjure it. Put the brace back on this morning.

Graduation Party

Had a great time at the Robbins’ yesterday afternoon. Good company and savory homemade chili and Don’s special onion sauce.

Love Lori’s garden!

This family is everything the Cape used to be before the Chambers of Commerce ruined it: brilliant, artistic, a little eccentric, hard-working. Now it’s all about money and right-wing religious intolerance.

Made a nice recipe from the Service Center that they call “Stuffed Green Pepper Casserole”. They handed me a bag with all of the makings, including seasoning, except for hamburg, which they keep frozen. I substituted delicata squash from Misfits.

Baby Rabbits; Service Center

A baby rabbit found its way into the strawberry garden. An adult and another baby stood by it on the other side of the fence. The second baby huddled next to the adult while the first one tried to jump over the fence.

We were able to help it escape later on. Ron worked on reinforcing the fence for a good part of the afternoon.

I made crustless asparagus quiche and a horrible cornbread from a mix that was so bad that I tossed it.

Went to the Service Center around 11 and came back with bagels and fresh and frozen produce.

I ate an entire can of potato sticks.

Salad for supper.

Using the Used

Cooked the vegetables that were otherwise headed for compost: home fries this morning; roasted spaghetti squash, parsnip and kale; steamed artichoke and asparagus yesterday afternoon.

We did bank transfers yesterday so we could pay the Dixon mortgage. I’m owed $1,100 from different sources. We are wending our way to the end of the month.

Ron started the second composter yesterday.

I buried a little bird.

Pruned off maple tree branches yesterday. Dead Bugged the maple and the birch today.

Baked scones at a cost of about 20 cents each.

DeadBug; Standout; Heritage; Acorns

Sprayed the roses this morning.

Went to Sandwich for the anti-ban standout. Well-attended, nice group.

Had lunch at Heritage and walked around to look at rhodies.

Pulled out a dozen or so sprouted acorns. So many this Spring, in spite of all our efforts to get rid of them last year. Maybe we should hire farm animals this Fall.

Ron is working hard at securing the strawberry garden.