Father’s Day; Strange Dream; Slug Fail

Made burgers last night with the last package of superfood power blend with carmelized onions and avocado/sour cream dressing accompaniments; excellent recipe.

Put down Sluggo; pulled off four slugs that were devouring the daisies this morning: fail.

Dreamed that a crooked salesman charged me $950 ($300/day, what?) for a truck tire, but Elizabeth Warren was at their company party and put it right.

Peter sent a gift certificate and Father’s Day greetings!

Tom tried to fix the outdoor shower leak. He thinks the brass valve needs to be replaced.

Ron did yeoman’s duty yesterday, transfer station run and mowed the back. He’s been irrigating the grass as well.

I spread a bag of mulch.

Flower seedlings have started in the old garden. Finally found the tiny packet of Cowslip seeds.

After 60 Minutes, we fit our walk in before sunset last evening. Nice to take advantage of the longest days.

Attic Fan

The electrician thinks the fan is toast, so I ordered a new one. This one was installed in August 2014.

Made stir fry with one of the veggie power blend packages! Happy to not have to throw it away like the first.

Dead headed roses. Ron has been arranging soaker hoses for plants that are outside the irrigation system.

I sprayed the veggies and the corner garden with Dead Bug. More weeding in the back.

Working on laundry while Ron returns redeemables.

Truck, Frig

Cormier’s had a no-show yesterday so they were able to diagnose the power steering problem. Ron was right, it was a bad belt.

I’m not happy that this wasn’t spotted by the two garages that have been working on the truck for the past couple of weeks.

Last evening after the News Hour, we enjoyed a nice walk through a couple of neighborhoods off Old Barnstable. From time to time, we see cool vehicles on our walks, and yesterday, it was an antique Chevy truck!

The Misfits box arrived, a mess but salvageable.

I made a quiche from Misfits Swiss chard and mushrooms, onions, Swiss and cheddar cheese. Strawberries from James’ patch for dessert.

I vacuumed, dusted and cleaned behind and under the frig yesterday and emptied the water reservoir.

Booked an eye exam and am hopeful that we’ll see our electrician and plumbers today to help with summer house tasks.

Half Cat, Baby Rabbit

We think Smokey killed a baby rabbit yesterday. Smokey had been hanging around a couple of times yesterday, unusual for him.

Ron was finishing up the spinner (he’s got it working magnificently) and was dismayed when he saw a small headless furry corpse in that area. He removed it.

The second time Smokey came back, he looked quite a while for something in that part of the yard.

A couple of turkeys strolled through later. Not sure if Smokey saw them. Ron laughed that the cat missed out on a BIG treat!


Stuck on this damned plateau, afraid to spend money on going out, truck’s power steering is not working and both vehicles are due for inspection this month but the stations are booked solid because the Mass registry overseers are fools and morons.

Tomatoes. Primroses.

Ron was off early to return the second set of unneeded ceiling tiles to Home Depot. I’m happy to not have them in the way.

We have tomatoes on the plants from Jeny.

I did more edging this morning.

Planted six plants from the discount nursery in the corner garden the other day. Bought summer plants for the window boxes, waiting for the pansies to be done. They are hanging in there!

Picked up mulch from Mahoney’s.

Earlier this week, I dug up a lot of violets from the oldest garden and seeded with a pack of flowers that like dappled sun. We’ll see.

Ron and I walked to the Audubon sanctuary last night. Three miles total for each of us for the day; Ron did a little more.

Strawberries are bright red but still not ripe, or at least not sweet, even from the CSA.

Last 48 Hours

Ron did send off a check and congrats to the new college grad.

We had a fine visit Sunday afternoon with G and Free, pizza, cole slaw, vodka shots, prosecco and an ice cream birthday cake for Ron.

We attended Town Meeting last night so we could vote for a $2 million wastewater design article, which passed. Ten votes either way would have scuttled it.

I want to get better educated about the budget process. We vote on an overall budget but then are asked to vote on additional items, some of which are related to union contracts. Confusing.

I’m amazed that my objection to a message on the MMHS public board was not only acknowledged by but agreed (with) by the School Committee! They plan to discuss the vetting process at their July meeting.

Ron Gets Points

…and I am an idiot.

I noticed that cold air from the new a/c was pouring into the basement. I closed two registers and was sure we had a third behind drywall.

Ron good-naturedly detached the drywall, but all we found was a random piece of plastic pipe, no register.

He reattached it today. It was heavy and not easy to do. We started working on it last night and gave up because we were both tired.

My excuse was that I made two pies yesterday, a spinach quiche and a strawberry/rhubarb, with produce from our gardens.

We did a fine walk afterwards at John’s Pond Estates.

Today I did the transfer station run and took a walk through Popponesett.

Was pleased that our young friend at the transfer station still wants to join the police. He seems to agree with me that those who are complaining about public perceptions should be good cops rather than leave the profession.

I also did a lavish shop at the Waquoit discount nursery.

We really must send a (college) graduation gift to Ron’s cousin! This slipped by both of us; ouch.

Dog Tick; Frustration at Shaw’s

Yesterday I’d planned to go to Hyannis to donate blood but found a dog tick in my scalp. Visited the recently-opened Urgent Care Center in Falmouth, which did nothing since it wasn’t a deer tick and I’d caught it within 24 hours. KVH agreed.

I brought the truck in for a check of the Check Engine codes, bringing it back on Friday for a diagnosis.

Got gas, 30 cents off at Stop & Shop which was a win compared to Cumby.

Did a shop at Shaw’s. Total frustration with their self-serve terminal, I slammed it with my fist. White privilege. I had to get help three times. Did get bagels for Ron, avocados on sale and a hanging plant.

Did a walk at Falmouth Heights.

Back to Falmouth in the afternoon for CSA. Got there just in time to miss the mob. Picked up groceries at Stop & Shop, big spending day.

Made deviled eggs.

MRTC meeting at a private home last night. It was nice. Had been a while since I attended a meeting so I brought cash as well as a portable chair and snacks in individual packets. Our new president is doing a fine job!

Made a big salad this morning, enough for at least two meals for both of us.

Canceled NOOM yesterday and added an app to the iPhone that provides a meal diary, which is pretty much all I need at this point to stay on track. The diary includes nutrition info, which is more than the NOOM food dictionary offers.

Big Salad; Slush from Cans

Ron went wild with vegetables for last Friday’s get-together, and this was on top of a Misfits shipment and CSA.

So, I’ve been cramming us with salads and stir fry.

Dug out two huge patches of grass from the corner garden.

Froze four old cans of fruit yesterday because slush sounded healthier than compote.

Opened one of the cans of pears today, and it made a terrific Summer slush, which we had with (unhealthy) rum and triple sec. Will do this again.