It’s been raining, which I hope is good for the trees that I transplanted (Kousa and Japanese Maple). Hope they don’t “drown”.

Refund from Vanity Fair renewal cancellation finally cleared PayPal, should be in our account tomorrow.

Ron paid the final bill from Credo, around $36. Much lower than I was expecting; thank goodness.

Ron chopped down a bunch of Russian olive trees yesterday and didn’t realize how big a project it was going to be.

I did some pruning yesterday. Raining now.

Very hard to get myself motivated to study for MSFT exam. I’ve become so accustomed to the insanity of current events, I’ve lost the hunger for logic and order.

Ron bought a couple of dry soup mix packages, so we’re making vegetable broth: carrots, celery; green onions, tomatoes and herbs from the gardens. If my broth isn’t good, it’ll at least be better than plain water, and I can always supplement with one of the broth packages on hand.

The Door

We – finally – figured out the right way to hang the shower door.

I’m not sure what the conflict did to our partnership.

I spoke for about 6-7 minutes at the BOS meeting last evening. Was pretty wound up afterwards, so didn’t stay for the rest. Sent them this:

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak last evening.

I greatly appreciate your hearing my comments, particularly since you had a full and substantive agenda.

We are fortunate to have such a responsive, dedicated Board of Selectmen. The time and energy that you willingly give are deeply appreciated.

Applied for a job yesterday, did an online 27 question quiz about ASP.NET this morning.

Found the Rockwell manual that Ron’s been looking for, thus saving him $20.


Just took a personality assessment for a job in Boston. What hogwash.

Attended the Master Gardeners Autumn Forum at the Harwich Community Center yesterday.

The workshops were pretty good, but the keynote was weird: titled “Gardening in Small Spaces”, it featured the properties of the veddy veddy rich or at least the veddy veddy comfortably well off. Belmont, for example, where I saw a listing today in the high $500’s for a tear-down.

Did laundry today, changed sheets. Ron and I had a fight about the shower door. Of course.

Getting back to studying and practicing.

Standard of Review

In the law, this pertains to a doctrine known as Standard of Review. Just to cut through the legalese, a standard of review is a statement by the law of which person bears the burden of proof, and how much proof, or what degree their evidence must raise, before they are deemed to have met that burden.

And I mention that doctrine because, as Ta-Nehisi Coates once pointed out, the most common form of bigotry isn’t overt or simplistic hatred. It’s varying the standard of review to whatever standard is required for me to disconfirm the uncomfortable truth you just uttered.


Email Cleanup; Mowed; Laundry

I’ve spent some time cleaning out over 1700 unread emails. Down to a relative handful until the backlog builds up again.

Mowed the front and back today. We did laundry.

Ron is working on the shower stall: again. He gave up.

Comfort food for supper: Beyond Burgers and pasta with homemade sauce.

Peter’s having a bad week. Had the broken tooth pulled today, but is still not feeling well. Not good, not at all.

Right She Is

“Saint John described leaving Uber for Endeavor in part because of a culture prone to microaggressions — everyday verbal and emotional indignities directed, sometimes unintentionally, toward marginalized groups.

“The challenges of being black, of being a woman in an environment like that were too overwhelming,” she said. “And at some point you realize that you can’t sacrifice yourself for the cause.”

Election; Interview

Happy the Selectman election is over. A good candidate won; not our choice, but a good person nonetheless.

Peter ‘s been dealing with an infected jaw, result of a broken tooth. He’s been taking antibiotics, has appointment with an oral surgeon tomorrow.

Interview went poorly and don’t care; turned out I’d be working for a consulting firm, which I don’t want. I’m looking forward to studying for 70-483 and if I pass, maybe another exam.

Good conversation with David Vieira on Monday. He filled me in on the workings of the political Town Committees and some of his family history as well. His energy level is remarkable!

Had a yen for hash browns and made some yesterday, one with butter, one without. Better with butter, if only because it added a little salt.

We’ve managed, barely, to keep our heads above water until Ron got his pension payments yesterday. Thank you, Cal and IA.

Sunday, but No Rest

Up at dawn. Made coffee, read the Times.

Pruned the daylilies, as planned. Did a little watering.

Stripped beds, did laundry, made beds.

Made chili and corn bread. Cooked the corn bread on the grill; ran out of gas but there was enough heat to finish it; nicely, too.

Went to Elana’s ice cream social at Polar Cave, and on the way home picked up a full tank of propane at Peter’s; he left it on the steps for us, which helped. Ron got it connected.

Went to Shaw’s for bagels and some well-priced cheese. Used the Ace $5 coupon at Eastman’s towards a valve for the outdoor shower. Nasty salesperson, spoke with the manager about him, also told him I didn’t appreciate being followed around. He argued with me, didn’t “get it”, so I gave up.

Even though the salespeople annoy me, I would spend a fortune in their gorgeous kitchenware section if I had money. So many beautiful things!

Ron attached the valve. Haven’t tried it yet. Felt like I was running the whole day from 9:30 on.

Talked with Ron about making a room or an ADU for Cathy. Hoping her relatives will man up and help her, but if they don’t, this might work. Too bad we’re not rich….

Pizza Sauce

Playing the “see what we have in the house” end of month game.

Had a big can of gorgeous ground tomatoes and a yen for cauliflower crust pizza, so made sauce. Topped the pizza with mushrooms, a home-grown tomato, artichoke hearts, basil and cheese.

Made tapioca.

Tomorrow will be chili and corn bread.

Forewent any activity involving money or gasoline. Don’t care much. Have been thinking a lot about the election next Tuesday. Wrote a bunch of emails about it.

Cathy has created a GoFundMe page to benefit Falmouth seniors!

Did some garden cleanup. Cut down the Joe Pye and stuck the seed heads in a big container, put it on the front stairs.

Planning to prune the Stellas in the back tomorrow.

Got to use the outdoor shower: great, except that I’ve got the Hot and Cold reversed…..

Transfer Station, Grass Seed

Made the run today with Ron. Easy, light week.

Transplanted grass and moss and put down seed in the area around the dogwood.

Pretended to be Ron on Facebook. Good responses to “his” posts.

Up at 5:30 after 10 hours of sleep.

Put $10 of gas in the truck.

Interview has been set up for next week.

We continue to limp along until the end of the month.