At Home

Ron realized, much to his chagrin, that his project to fix the trash can shed is more involved than he figured.

I was thinking about going to a stand-out but stayed put to replant the hydrangea and water the new plantings.  That took most of the day, until 3:30 or so.

Also mowed the lawn and made instant pudding.  For some reason, I thought the latter would be a mighty effort, so the box had been sitting around for days.

Also made oatmeal, but it turned out to be 3 years past “best by” date and rancid.

Planting (But Seriously): Day 6

I put in the nepeta from yesterday and transplanted the goldenrod and geraniums; no more cheap pots.

Checked all the new plantings for root bind.  The hydrangea is the only one that worried me enough to dig up for replanting.  It’s soaking in a pail of water now and I may leave it there for today; the root ball is like a brick.

That took up the morning.

Paid the mortgage on Edgewater.  Our account with the new mortgage payment company won’t be live for another couple of days.

Did a quick transfer station run.  Brought home and planted a wild daisy.

Ron picked up a sheet of plywood from Botello and a pamphlet from one of his doctors.

Planting: Day 4

I moved the spirea to the corner of the driveway garden and planted the “Seaside Serenade” Monrovia in the hydrangea garden.

Sifted out grass and debris from dug-up front yard soil.  All in all, planting and clean-up took most of the morning.

Made scrambled eggs with cottage cheese for lunch.

I sat in on Ron’s appointment with his doc to discuss pain management.  It was helpful.

We stopped in to iCape to say hi to Robert, who gave Ron advice on phone mounts (Schosche, iOttie), and Peter, who was busy with a customer.

We did a nice shop at Roche and saved $20.

Ron made ravioli for supper.  I made a pot of brown rice for burgers tomorrow.

Planting: Day 3

We were gifted today by none other than the dean of Cape Cod gardening, C.L. Fornari, who’d invited me to come to her home for plants.

We walked away with Geranium macrorrhizum, Ajuga and Prunella.  Ron and I planted them in the hydrangea garden; it took all afternoon.

She also gave us two Physocarpus opulifolius Raspberry Lemonade™ and a Monrovia “Seaside Serenade”!

Yesterday, I stopped at Home Depot after dropping Em off at work.  They were having a sale: 2 free plants with any purchase plus 2 for 1’s on everything but mums.

I brought home four Celosia and two ascelpias.

I transplanted two Sedums along with the Celosia in the corner garden.  Planted the ascelpias along the porch with the roses.

Adoption Complicity; The Girls Who Went Away

No matter the circumstances, the fact remains that consent by the mother is a requirement for relinquishment.

In fact, this very point is made by first mother “Madeline” in “The Aftermath” chapter of “The Girls Who Went Away”. She says that a self-described victim “has to see where you are partially responsible….there is a complicity there that you have to look at….The rock-bottom reality is you were thinking of your own survival more than your child’s.”

I think that’s a remarkable, honest and courageous insight, and it rings true.


Ron planted 2 and I planted 15 or so of the new flowers.

Brought a Sonos speaker outside, which helped.

Ron picked up a pizza for supper, which also helped.

Four of the plants were bare-root.

Three gardens:  iris, phlox and mums in the corner; iris and ground cover by the driveway; everything else in the hydrangea garden.

Got more to do tomorrow, and clean up to finish.  Got the ones in the ground that concerned me the most today, though.

Did MTR at noon.  It was fun today; no haters.


Bought 3 plants (spirea, wood geranium, phlox) from a local (one street over!) gardener and about a dozen more from end-of-seasons at Soares: Jacob’s ladder, Delosperma, Cranesbill, oregano for the window boxes, and a peppermint.

Also got ornamental peppers, Celosia and kale for the window boxes from K-Mart.

Em treated me to lunch at iHop!

Picked up 3 mums at $3.97 each at Walmart this morning.

Plants; Van; 91

I met with a new Mashpee gardener friend who has offered to share hostas, Rose of Sharon and daylilies with me.  Got a tour of his property, which includes a gorgeous fenced-in patio, and impressive stonework everywhere.

Got a fine note from one of Uncle Bob’s daughters!

Booked an appointment with another local gardener for tomorrow morning.  He’s literally the next street over!

Ron made arrangements for a AAA tow – AllCape, thank goodness – and dropped me off at Battles to wait.  The owner could not have been kinder.

I went with the tow truck to Cormiere’s while Ron did some urgent banking business.  He discovered this morning that he’d made two extra fund transfers, which knocked his balance to shreds.  Fortunately, he was able to correct easily.

Thank goodness for Service Credit Union!

Yesterday was so picture-perfect gorgeous but today, it’s ugly outside again: 91.

Bought a nice little butterfly bush at Stop & Shop for $4.99 and planted it in the small garden with the bee balm and hibiscus.

Ron got approved for the men’s wellness program at the Senior Center.  Hope he enjoys it (fingers crossed)!

Brief rain storm around 6.