Burning It Up







After being sent away from the transfer station yesterday with a truckload of brush from Edgewater, I turned on the water to the front outside faucet, hooked up the hose, and set up the Weber here.

Once the fire got going, brush disposal went pretty fast. So, instead of stopping with the several piles that Ron had raked, I decided to clean up most of the yard.

Ron came out to help and harvested a few more armloads of brush. He estimates there’s 8-10 pounds of ash. We cleaned up the lawn and most of the cleared woody area on the right side of the lot.

I quit at about 20 of 5 so I could get to a Cape Cod Healthcare blood drive at the library.

With AB- blood, Ron is a righteous 1%-er.

We’re supposed to get some “weather” later this week, so I’m really happy that we were able to do so much cleanup on both yards.

Cleanup; A Little Waquoit Action

We rented a chain saw from Botello and Ron cut up the giant limb that had fallen on the neighbor’s property on Edgewater.

We cleaned up enough woody debris to fill the truck.

The transfer station isn’t taking truckloads any more, so we dumped the entire load at Davey for $10. Ron took us to lunch at Moonakis.

Afterwards, we walked across the street to the Waquoit Garden and Feed to browse and look for kitty grass. Had a nice conversation with another customer about bats and attracting them to your yard.

Ron was in a great mood afterwards, said he really loves small towns.

Attended the O-F steering meeting at 6. Was ravenous by the time we got home, so I made tacos.

Booked an appointment with Window Treatments (Harwich) to give us an estimate on Hunter-Douglas screens for the Southwest-facing windows.

Runaway Slave

We saw this film the other night at Falmouth Library. It was sponsored by a conservative Republican group, Liberty Chalkboard.

I agreed with many of the opinions expressed.

We ordered a DVD of the film, which Ron thinks should arrive tomorrow or shortly thereafter. There were a couple of speakers and a couple of quotes we’d like to hear again.

It Always Hurt ‘Cause I Felt So Bad

Rose Cohen was known for her critical tongue.  She was always offering her opinion and I resented it.

I think she hurt me in this way because I felt so bad about myself to begin with. Any criticism went into me like a hot needle.

Peter and Ron got into a loud public argument in the driveway at Edgewater today. The trigger was ridiculous, but a lot of truths were exchanged, and that might be good in the long run. Too soon to say.

We raked the front yard and filled the bed of the truck. I am SO not ready for Spring cleanup.

We had a good time with Emme yesterday. Had lunch and strolled around the Multicultural fair at 4C’s. Then Emme and I went to the library. Dinner was good, a sausage/onion/potato/cheese casserole and salad.

Made roast beef hash for breakfast this morning.