Pretty Full Day

Drove with Ron to the bus terminal at 6:30 this morning. He got his bus to Logan; I caught another one at the same time to New Bedford; not planned, but worked out great.

I got the 2:35 back to Bourne, then had supper and worked at Falmouth Eats Together from 4 to 6. Have been feeding Fluff ever since I got home. Cleaned up from the morning.


The Cake

I didn’t realize how crooked the cake turned out until seeing this picture. Oh, well.

I spent the morning in the kitchen. Also made baked fish and “Toad in the Hole”. Had an appointment afterwards at InMed, and the cool air felt so good, I didn’t even put on a coat.

Ron and I caught a delightful film at the Falmouth Art Center about Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, a middle class couple in New York City who amassed a 1400+ contemporary art collection. He passed away earlier this year. What amazing devotion to art.

I was ready to throttle Ron this evening. He’s been wasting hours trying to square away his email accounts and refused my help. I finally got fed up and fixed it for him just by FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS. I was able to print off his itinerary, bus ticket, boarding passes and car reservation.

Centerville Stroll

After finishing chores, we brought Emme to the Centerville Stroll. Much warmer this year, and we got to hear a bell choir, which was very nice. No cotton candy, but we enjoyed donuts, chili and hot dogs as well as cookies, cider and hot chocolate.

Holiday Afternoon in Falmouth Center

We visited the Museums on the Green for their annual holiday house tour. Purchased a CD of sea chanties by the Rum Soaked Crooks and some ornaments. Did some errands and then visited Highfield; Ron got photos of the creche exhibit, something we promised ourselves last year when both of us forgot our cameras.

Oh, yes, we also indulged at Maison Villatte, the new boulangerie-p√Ętisserie on Main Street.

Afterwards, we had a beautiful dinner with Candy and John and two other couples. I am grateful to Ron for releasing me at last from the status of fifth wheel.

Have You Noticed

It’s difficult to find holiday activities that don’t involve a) spending money and/or b) eating.

In other news, Ron got his shoulder treated and his left hand diagnosed. He also seems to be on track for his final appointment with the Worker’s Comp evaluator.

I was in New Bedford a couple of times this week to finish up my relationship tool project.

Our holiday cards are done. Ordered 60 with a discount and a $5 off coupon and picked them up on Thursday. Addressed and mailed almost all of them on Friday. Finished up the last few today.

But Will It Go Unpunished?

I saw April hobbling into her friend’s car this morning. She hurt her back the other day and obviously is still in a lot of pain.

So, I moved some “stuff” from her driveway that she’d wanted to put in the back of her truck, and broke down the rest of the trellis archway and put it in bags. I moved the bags to their side yard, next to the boat, and replanted the clematis along their backyard fence. She’ll very likely want to do something else with it, but at least it’s watered and in soil for now. They do have really nice soil over there, not like 20 Dixon, which is all clay, sand and rocks.

I also did some cleanup in our vegetable garden and along the South corner of the “U”. Discovered that the sweet potato vines made a bunch of potatoes, but according to the label, they aren’t edible. Damn.

Had lunch with Cindy and an appointment with my new eye doctor, Dr. Berg.

Last night, Ron and I had pizza at Primetime in North Falmouth and went to the O-F steering committee meeting.

Enough to Make a Grownup Cry

Ron was almost bamboozled last night by a charlatan who claimed his computer had been hacked, which motivated me to take a look at our router settings.

It’s been so long that I’d forgotten the password, so I reset the router this morning. This resulted in a cascade of changes, including our VOIP phone service, but everything seems to be working now.

I hate network admin.


Ron fixed the solar lights on the shed! It required buying a soldering iron, but I’m sure we’ll have another use for it down the line.

We delivered two truckloads of leaves to the transfer station, thus obliterating some big piles, mostly accumulated from the back yard.

I put up lights in the front and some artificial flowers in the window boxes and deck planters.

I also reorganized the bathroom linen closet, using the plastic drawers that Jimmy gave us. It worked out great, increased the shelf capacity by 50%. Having consolidated our belongings in a very inefficient way when Ron first moved in, we now may actually be able to find things.