The Big 6

Used to be accounting firms; now it’s media companies:

Time Warner
News Corp

Oh, Obama was the top recipient of 5 of these company’s political largesse, and #3 at Viacom.

Done, Oh, Done

Spent a couple of hours today cleaning up the front at Edgewater. I can’t believe how many leaves there were; filled half the truck. Cleaned out the beds and picked up with the lawn mower. Finished as it started to rain a little. Wish we had one of those gigantic vacuum machines. Peter rearranged things in the shed. We rolled up the hammock and put it in the rafters.

Did the transfer station run with recyclables, leaves and trash, including the old grill cover.

Stopped off at the Fairgrounds for the last Farmer’s Market of the year. Got some tomatoes. Went to S&S for a script and to the bank to deposit a check for Ron. Stopped at the hardware store for an outdoor spotlight. Got to Hatchville Pottery for the final day of their winter open house: always delightful and always lots of good things to eat. Bought a Hollis Engley piece right off his outside studio wall; I love it!

Thoughts on Newtown

The state of Connecticut has some of the toughest gun laws in the United States.

Anything can be a weapon: a screwdriver, a kitchen knife – even water and oxygen.

All of us are exposed to violence in the media, yet most of us don’t act out what we see on television or in video games.

The firearms used in the Newtown murders were legally purchased and registered.

The person who used those firearms had a history of mental disorder.

Why, then, isn’t there an outcry for more effective mental health services rather than the usual pleas for more (ineffective) government control of firearms purchase and more media censorship?

Time for Some Self-Reliance

The anti-NRA zealots are out in force, screaming for yet more regulation of firearms following the murder of 20 young children at a Connecticut elementary school.

When will the public learn that insanity can’t be regulated against, that there are simply not enough police or private security forces to protect us from the lunatics among us?

Connecticut has “some of the toughest” gun control laws in the country. Saying that it’s a federal problem makes me extremely uncomfortable and more than a little frustrated. Our federal government already has the power to lock up American citizens without trial, indefinitely, via the National Defense Authorization Act. What additional freedoms and autonomy do we need to cede in the imaginary hope that the government can keep us safe?

Some of us on Cape Cod have been looking to state and federal officials to protect us from the very real possibility of nuclear poisoning from the Pilgrim power station just up the coast. These officials have caved to the owner, Entergy Corporation, a $42 Billion Fortune 500 power company. They’ve failed to require that Entergy implement basic safety and security precautions. They’ve even failed to develop an emergency evacuation plan for our region.

If the government can’t control the activities of one organization, how can we trust it to protect the public from dozens, hundred or thousands of crackpots, with or without guns?

The answer is that it can’t, and we shouldn’t expect it to. Rather, we should be able to protect ourselves, our families and friends and our property with our own skills and resources. I just don’t see how any other “solution” can possibly work.

Just Enough

I can’t remember what I did this morning, besides feed Fluffles (and clean his ears and comb his fur) and take a shower. This afternoon, though, I brought 71 bottles and cans to the redemption center, picked up some scratch tickets for the Cohens, cleaned up leaves in the back yard at Edgewater and brought the leaf sweeper home.

Emme and I had dinner at IHOP. Our waitress was a riot. Afterwards, we went to the Osterville Stroll, rode on the trolley-bus and had dessert, including some sensational cream puffs.

And oh yes, I fed Fluffles, again.

Pretty Full Day

Drove with Ron to the bus terminal at 6:30 this morning. He got his bus to Logan; I caught another one at the same time to New Bedford; not planned, but worked out great.

I got the 2:35 back to Bourne, then had supper and worked at Falmouth Eats Together from 4 to 6. Have been feeding Fluff ever since I got home. Cleaned up from the morning.


The Cake

I didn’t realize how crooked the cake turned out until seeing this picture. Oh, well.

I spent the morning in the kitchen. Also made baked fish and “Toad in the Hole”. Had an appointment afterwards at InMed, and the cool air felt so good, I didn’t even put on a coat.

Ron and I caught a delightful film at the Falmouth Art Center about Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, a middle class couple in New York City who amassed a 1400+ contemporary art collection. He passed away earlier this year. What amazing devotion to art.

I was ready to throttle Ron this evening. He’s been wasting hours trying to square away his email accounts and refused my help. I finally got fed up and fixed it for him just by FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS. I was able to print off his itinerary, bus ticket, boarding passes and car reservation.