Long Day

Made two transfer station runs – one for us, one with leaves and brush for the Winslows. Did three loads of laundry. Changed the sheets and emptied the dishwasher. Did a very small amount of weeding and dead-heading.

We got just short of an inch of rain.


Probably not enough.

First paycheck. We went shopping today. I insisted that Ron buy the chain saw we’ve been wanting. We are still at a minor deficit compared to his old place, but definitely getting close.

Put more Chickadee on the lawn, selectively. Transplanted the poor Jacob’s Ladder, again.

Work was good this week. The commute yesterday (Friday) morning was beyond belief: about an hour and seven minutes.

I have grown to hate those selfish, stupid people who take their cars into town with no passengers. It’s absurd for everyone else to suffer because of their neurotic fear of germs or other people or mass transportation or whatever it is.

New Garden

006I put in a new garden by the back steps last weekend, one of the last outdoor tasks before starting full-time work.

I bought the plants at the wholesale nursery, but full credit goes to Emme for designing the layout. She did a fantastic job, and it turned out a charming, restful spot with a very simple collection of plants:015 heuchera, forget-me-nots, hosta, astilbe, vinca and a nice ground cover Lori gave me some years ago.

It is pure pleasure to see this garden every morning and every night!

Week One

First week and I survived. Fell asleep on the bus one morning. Am enjoying having an excuse to read.

Eye lids and eye socket are still red and swollen. Dermatologist is booked.

Did a bunch of errands today. Saw Emma (friend) and Janet (friendly acquaintance) at the Farmer’s Market, which was delightful. Picked up Rose Tone at Garden & Feed. Bought a used paperback for the bus and picked up a few things at Stop & Shop and CVS.

Pruned the hydrangeas, all of them. Did a little weeding. We haven’t had a lot of rain recently so will need to keep watering.

Ron has been busy all day. He mowed the front lawn at Edgewater (their mower is in the shop) and is making a brace for one of the cabinet shelves, which is being held up by plastic supports that look like they could collapse at any time.

I promised to make him a spice cake for an early birthday celebration tomorrow. The store doesn’t have spice cake mix because it’s considered a seasonal item (!), so I have to wing it.

New Gig

Started the Boston gig this week. So far, the commute hasn’t been as hard as I feared.

Last night, Ron made a nice supper, baked cod, rice and salad. He put the cod in the oven when we left to vote. Afterwards, we picked up some odds and ends at Stop & Shop, including some great sale items, and by the time we got home, the fish was perfectly done.

Ron has been working on the railings.

I visited the eye clinic at Tufts yesterday; the docs think it’s an allergy or some other dermatologic problem. Nothing wrong with my eyes.

Weather’s been great this week and I’ve enjoyed walking at lunch.

Cindy’s Brunch

It was a marathon this morning to fit in tasks before the brunch. Returned the screen, picked up trash and recyclables at Edgewater and did the transfer station run.

Ron attached the hoses and I cut down more overgrown forsythia. Also watered the azalea. Cleaned up behind the shed, washed out a pile of flower pots for recycling.

Ron did more watering here and started filling in and sanding the deck railing. I’m working on laundry and changing sheets. Did some cleanup on the porch and in the shed, spread a little more mulch in the front. Enjoyed seeing the brunch bunch.

POS next door has been running a leaf blower for close to two hours; my ears are ringing. Another POS is riding a motorized vehicle in the field.

Big Day

Ron changed the water pitcher filter.

Ron also cleared the upper left corner of the back yard at Edgewater AND the area behind the shed.


I put in a new garden in the corner next to the back stairs. Emme designed it with plants from the Wholesale Nursery. We used some slate tiles that were in the outside shed. It is gorgeous.

Emme mulched around the holly tree. I weeded the grass garden. We bought some beautiful pansies at Attaquin Acres and planted those in the containers on the trellis: beautiful.

That pretty much finishes everything I wanted to do in the gardens this Spring.

Good Day

We went to Home Depot for deck stain and used our 10% off coupon to get some things on the “wish” list, including a new saw and extra blades for Ron; pruners; mulch for the front yard and plywood to fix the outdoor shed at Edgewater; and a very cool remote temperature and humidity sensor “weather station”.

I mulched the rock garden and Edgewater and finished the mulching here.

We helped set up the Pilgrim informational session at Town Hall. It was well-attended and the giant 8 foot screen worked out great (Ron figured out the setup video).