It seems like the 2012 election season went on for at least a decade.

I put out signs in Mashpee and at Falmouth town hall for Questions 2, 3 and 4. After the polls closed, Ron drove us back to pick them up. Glad we did, too, since most of the candidate signs were gone by that time as well.

Setting up a Question 3 sign in Falmouth center was an impulse. I assembled it with a metal holder and tape from Eastman’s. I’m glad to have done it; Question 3 passed overwhelmingly, so I can share a tiny bit of reflected glory.

New subject: I tried reconstructing last year’s polar chart project but ran into some snags yesterday so set it aside for now.

Found this cute little fellow while foraging yesterday in the vicinity of the Bourne Tranfer Station off MacArthur Boulevard. Posted to Craiglist Lost & Found this morning.

Big Blow Coming

I caught up with our lawn expert Tom Gonzalski today. We haven’t asked him to do a whole lot for us this year although I’ve consulted him a couple of times, and he’s always been willing to share advice.

Tom told me there’s another storm coming, not as big as the fringes of hurricane Sandy, but enough wind to take down most of the remaining leaves. He encouraged me to get as many leaves as I could off the new grass now.

I’d pretty well raked the front yard at Edgewater over the weekend, so I went over this afternoon to do the back. Lost count after 13 or so of the number of times I emptied the grass catcher, but I got it done before dark – early now that we’re back to Standard Time.

After talking over options, I finally asked Tom to schedule us in about two weeks for the last two pre-Winter treatments at Edgewater.

Ron is about 60% of the way through with the deck! It looks fantastic from the front and from the yard. I’m thrilled.


This morning, we dropped off a load of blow-downs at the transfer station, drove to Plymouth to pick up yard signs and decided to grab brunch. We were lucky enough to stumble onto a local favorite, Metro’s Cafe on 3A.

We did a second transfer station run with recyclables and trash, then I removed leaves from the front yard at Edgewater. The leaves were so deep and so damp, it took 4-5 passes with the lawn mower in some areas.

Ron did more work on the deck railings.

Good Day

Candy and John came over for supper. Started a beef stew this morning, served hot rolls and blueberry pie with ice cream.

Kept it simple since we’d planned to do outdoor work. I had a disastrous time making waffles this morning, ended up with pancakes.

Ron picked up some supplies at Home Depot. I mowed and cleaned up in front, filled two wheelbarrels full. Tried out the new lawn sweeper here and at Edgewater.


It’s over: Halloween, P&B’s anniversary, hurricane Sally, last week’s transfer station run.

We had around 63 trick-or-treaters this year.

I left the office around 2:30. Met Ron at Edgewater to load up the truck for the transfer station: tree limbs, yard clippings, piles of recycling, trash.

Came back to make supper – steak, baked potatoes, asparagus – and to put out more decorations.

The kids shrieked with delight at Ron’s getup. Fun night, and I’m sad that it’s over so soon.

Gardener’s Diary/Yard Work

In spite of strong gusts, Frankenstorm did very little damage to either yard. We cleaned up branches at both. I did some raking here and put down compost on the right side of the “U” and a little in the vegetable garden; more to follow.

Ron bought some more rebar and reinforced the trellis. We worked until it started to thunder and rain.

3 Down, 1 to Go

Finished day 3 of a 4-day travel/work/conference marathon that started on Thursday.

I’d signed up to volunteer at Connecting for Change in New Bedford. In exchange, I got one day of regular attendance, which I elected to do on Friday, day 2 of the “marathon”. Tomorrow, day 4, is my volunteer day, but the conference will end at 3:30. Last Thursday, the first day of the marathon, was orientation for volunteers, and that took place after work.

Today, day 3, I attended a terrific WordCamp in Providence. Learned a lot and had my head turned around from back end to front end development.

I went back and forth on whether I had to stamina to handle four days straight. For example, I thought about taking the bus to Providence today, but the fare would have been $50 round trip. We got discounted parking, so even with the cost of gas, the trip didn’t come to nearly that much.

I thought about grabbing a hotel room or rooms, but the least expensive I found was over $50.

The weather has been great, the calm before the storm, so travel hasn’t been a problem at all.

One more to go, then I can concentrate on storm preparation.