At the Rooneys

We were REALLY happy to catch up last-minute with Cheryl, Pat, Connor, Tom, Deirdre and their friend Terence while they were vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard last evening. Great meal, great conversation about music, business and politics. Turns out, both Pat and I have roots in county Cavan.














I hurt – head, ankle, arms.

We worked on the basement again today. Got a little more organized and a little tidier. I set up the futon frame so I can watch Ron work with his new saw, ha ha.

I did some deadheading and cleanup in the front garden. Ron was very tired, too, but he took care of the watering. The poor green babies are suffering terribly in spite of our efforts. I hate August.

Ron heard from Cheryl, we’ll be visiting tomorrow.

007We did a bunch of errands this morning: Botello, transfer station, banks, Walgreen’s. Posted the sign at the entrance. Worked some more on the website.

Basement, Fireworks

Ron and I worked on the basement today.

We picked up his miter saw; he put the stand together.

We put the little couch in the attic and I cleaned behind the workbench – first time in who knows how many years. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared it would be. I’ve been trying to dry out the paint cans so we can take them to the transfer station. Picked up boxes and 20 pounds of cheap kitty litter for that job.

Ron thinks he can make a nice workspace, and that would make me very happy. I find the disorganization extremely upsetting and irritating.

We managed to get in and out of the high school fast tonight for a fantastic fireworks display. Nice job, Mashpee Rec!


We had a little rain this evening. I thought I’d killed the front garden, it was so dry, so I drenched it this morning.

Spent an hour or so updating the O-F websites with stories from the local papers.

We did our usual Sunday chores, including transfer station. James mowed for us at Edgewater yesterday and the yards looked really good.

I made donuts this morning. Getting closer to the right recipe. They were so filling that we skipped lunch. I grilled sausages in the rain (light drizzle) and gave Ron a hard time about sending me into a monsoon.

Noticed that the windshield gasket on the truck has worked itself out of the upper left hand corner.

Hat Day, James’ Website, Meetinghouse Farm



026Crossed the bridge to Wareham for Lowe’s, gas (28 cents less than here with our Stop & Shop discount), Tractor Supply, Marzelli’s and a brief stop at Job Lot. Ron posed in various “hats”.

I registered James’ domain and got him set up on WordPress. Within an hour, he’d installed a Theme and uploaded content. What a guy!

We researched all the garden chemicals and brought a bucketload to the Hazardous Waste collection along with a bag of receipts for shredding and a broken thermometer.




019After lunch, we ventured forth to Meetinghouse Farms’ open house and splurged on a gorgeous lathed wood salt and pepper set.







The “paintings” are actually extraordinary pieces of fine embroidery.

Hummer, Hyannis, Best Pizza

Great day yesterday:

We stopped at Town Hall to do some SPEA research at the Assessors office, then had Alfredo chicken and broccoli pizza at Two Brothers.

Did a big shop at Market Basket, got home barely in time for my appointment with the doc from my health insurance company.

Ron watered the back yard.

While we were eating supper outside, the hummer hovered less than 5 feet away from us! He/she looked straight at us, then flew off to the big feeder. That touched my soul.

After supper, we went to Hyannis, stopped in at Spinnaker’s and bought prayer flags at a Tibetan store.


Spent the morning going over our financial affairs.

Let’s just say that we don’t have the same problems as the Romneys, for example, or the Clintons or for that matter, the Obamas.

The air is fantastic: 66 degrees, low humidity, pleasant breeze.

Gave Blood

Donated at the Mashpee Library. Got a nice beach towel.

We washed and refilled the hummer feeders. Saw our guy at the flowers near the back stairs, closest he’s come to the house.

Watched a cardinal founder around in the wisteria. Made me happy I put it there.

We had a little bit of rain.

James offered to mow the lawn. He’s set up a PayPal account that we can use! Outstanding….


Last night’s attempted meteor watch was a bust. Saw three around 10:30, got up at 3:30 for the peak, but by that time, clouds had moved in. Doesn’t look real promising for tonight, either.

Ron left to pick Emme up and I’m by myself for the first time in quite a while. Have the window open to catch a nice breeze. August has been good to us so far, not like July.

Dropped by to see Candy yesterday and had a nice visit.

The hummingbird has been enjoying the feeders quite a lot. We’ve been seeing it at least once a day. The rabbit was on the bulkhead this morning. Joe Pye Weed is beautiful and enjoyed by many.

We did a consecutive front and back yard mow this afternoon at Edgewater. I cut down the transplanted roses by half and threw compost on them. All the leaves are withered.

Craigville Bonfire

Had a great time last night at Craigville Beach listening to the Moonlighters and watching a magnificent sunset and the gigantic bonfire.

Ron danced! In public!

Saw the hummingbird feeding this morning.