Debate Issues and Other Flights of Fancy

I don’t care about when the White House called the attack on our consulate a “terrorist act”.

Similarly, I don’t really care about Mitt and Ann Romney’s taxes or for that matter, Obama’s birth certificate or church membership.

Oil and gas drilling on federal land and the price of gas are of some concern but not the most important issues, especially since the latter is driven primarily by world markets.

Tax rates for people making $250,000 is a non-issue. I do wonder, though, why we have billionaires who have not actually produced a product, found a cure for a disease or provided some valuable public service.

Why hasn’t the Obama administration gone after the Wall Street criminals who caused the crash of 2008? For that matter, where’s the money?

I think abortion needs to be safe and legal and don’t believe that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, regardless of who’s elected.

I care about a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. I think campaigns should be financed from public funds only and that there should be term limits.

I think Affordable Care without single payer is missing the point.

I think Medicare should negotiate with the pharms for group discounts.

I think Congresspeople should have the same health care and retirement plans as the average working American.

Got that, political pundits?