Am I alone in wishing that defense attorneys would either have the integrity to tell the truth about their clients or just shut up?

Here’s a story about a real hero, a father who poured liquid soap down the throat of his four year old son, then manhandled his wife when she tried to stop him.
They’re getting divorced, and that’s a good thing IMHO, so long as Mom gets custody of the kids.
What bugs me about this is not that he’s an a*h*, there are one or two of them out there, heaven knows. It’s that his ignorant attorney, one Lisa A. Ruggieri, had the nerve to assert that “He’s a loving dedicated father to his four children.”
I would have had no problem if Attorney Ruggieri had a “no comment”, or even if she’d said “Look, he’s a good guy with a bad temper, and it’s cost him. He’s deeply remorseful that this ever happened, and he’s trying to get on with his life.”
Attorney Ruggieri, here’s a news flash for you: “loving, dedicated” fathers don’t force feed toxins to four year olds. Period.
So, if you can’t say something that doesn’t insult our collective intelligence, Attorney Ruggieri, then have the good sense to sit down and shut up.