Yesterday, got a bad report on my ancient car.
It needs a ton of work, so I’m faced with a decision about whether to get a new vehicle instead.

Spent some quality time on the phone with a couple of financial institutions yesterday to explore options, and Peter and I made plans to visit some dealerships tomorrow.
I’ve put off looking for a new(er) car for probably two years, nursing the old one along for a couple of reasons other than loyalty to an automobile that has generally served me well for over 11 years.
First, cost. I like not having car payments, and considering what I pay now for car insurance on a 1993 model with over 220,000 miles, I can’t imagine what the premium will be on a newer vehicle. Plus, the whole business is a hassle, schlepping to your insurance agent, standing in line at the Registry, etc.
Second, I don’t want to talk with people who don’t like women. Yes, as incredible as it may seem to those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, many car salesman must be independently wealthy. Otherwise, why would they go out of their way to deliberately insult a prospect?
Third, the devil you know is a powerful argument. I understand how my Sube drives and which noises are normal. Getting to know another car will take attention and time.
Fourth, I don’t know enough about cars as a commodity to feel totally secure in my ability to make a good decision, thus, recruiting Peter, who likes cars and keeps up with trends, is a big help.
Fifth, I have tremendously high sales resistance, even with small purchases. Enough said. I am NOT looking forward to this!