Gardener’s Diary

It warmed up a little over Easter weekend, so I got to remove several baskets of leaves from the flowerbeds and toss the winter decorations from the flower boxes.
It’s supposed to rain most of the week, good time to Hollytone Peter’s tree, maybe. The contractor had planned to do the town water install, but the weather slowed him and the plumber down – seems like precip has thwarted our maintenance plans generally, including clean-up in Peter’s yard, which has been put off due to snow since January 11.

A number of Spring bulbs are sprouting in my yard. I was early enough to trim the largest of the decorative grasses, but the two little ones got ahead of me, so I’ll have to leave them be and hope for the best.
Peter lost a rhodie to the snow, and my hydrangeas are a mess.
I didn’t post to the Gardener’s Diary until April 18 last year, and by that time, a lot of flowers were in bloom.
That’s exactly 3 weeks away: fingers crossed, then, that Spring isn’t far off.