Visit Down Cape, Hyannis Counter-Demo

After dropping off the recycling at the transfer station, I kept driving to Chatham to visit Carol.

Picked up cheese and other cocktail hour items and wine on the way back.

Stopped at the Brewster ARL to see if they could share any more info on Teddie. Got a compassionate, helpful call from their manager a little later. She explained that Teddie needed to be there for a full 10 days under quarantine but that the decision to euthanize him was based on Ron’s injuries and they could not risk rehoming him.

Meanwhile our Lizzie had a tough day, causing us to consider the same for her. She defecated multiple times, her stomach was growling the whole day and yet she refused to eat.

Fortunately, by the time I got back to the house, things seemed to improve. “May it continue.”

I attended a counter-protest at Bread and Roses bookstore/cafe in Hyannis. Paul Rifkin posted a beautiful photo record of the event. I bought Ron a t-shirt to commemorate.

Meanwhile, a vile member of the community here has filed a complaint against me and several other people following last Saturday’s LCP meeting.

I told Ron that I’d welcome jail as an opportunity to get away from him and the dog. Maybe I could learn to crochet.