Ron’s Crashes; Tiverton

Ron damaged his van today by smacking into another car, which wasn’t damaged.

Yesterday, his checking account was overdrawn by over $2,000 because of an erroneous ActBlue donation. Automatic transfers wiped out the joint checking account and my savings account.

The bank jumped in to help and ActBlue refunded the $2,750, but it’s pending in PayPal. Ron closed his checking account and opened a new one.

It’s still messy and we won’t know how many corrections actually were made until everything posts tonight.

After finishing at the bank, Ron and I were able to move the middle seat in the van to the rear, thus unearthing a turd, probably from the devil Buddy. That could account for why the van has smelled so awful even with my cleaning.

Even with these unfortunate events, we made our visit to Tiverton for lunch and a fine visit with Lizzie’s former owners. Their place is fantastic, very rural, although on a busy road to a beach. I loved seeing their gardens, and we drove around their pond on the way back to 24.

They sent us home with a big bag of zucchini. Guess I’ll be cooking tomorrow.

The laundry, including our bedsheets, had been sitting all day and it was mildewed. I went out at 8 for an inexpensive but nice set at Marshall’s – thank goodness they were open late – just so we could get to bed at a reasonable hour. I was sleep deprived the whole time, having gotten up at 4:30 to let Lizzie out.

Today was redoing the sheets plus a white wash.

I also ordered an ID tag for Lizzie and picked up a Mashpee tag for her at Town Hall. I must still have felt the effects of yesterday’s sleep deficit because I left the application behind but, luckily, did bring the rabies certificate.

On the ride home yesterday, Lizzie, who had almost half of the vehicle interior to herself, figured out how to get herself on the seat! I didn’t see how she did it but got a neat photo of her looking very pleased and dangling her front paws elegantly over the edge of the seat.