Ron worked in terrible humidity and heat today and power washed the entire front gutter. It can be painted now, and already it looks 1000% better.

I called ARL/Brewster to review Teddy’s meds and his schedule for heartworm and flea/tick. They weren’t especially concerned. They did promise to email a copy of the document we signed. I asked how he was doing, and it sounds like he’s fine. Probably not as attached to us as we were to him. I think I’m ready to move on.

I finally remembered, two weeks late, to replace our transfer station stickers.

While Ron worked on the gutter, I did the transfer station run and some stops in Osterville. Needed some rich neighborhood magic: natural food store, Amie. The farmer’s market was mobbed; I didn’t get anything there.

Stopped off at Rockland this afternoon for cash to tip Nathan (Weed Man) and transfer money to Robert for his birthday.