What’s a Metaphor for Disaster?

We returned Teddy to ARL yesterday.

I hate Ron for this. I wish he’d drop dead so that I could bring Teddy back here.

Brought Ron to the Falmouth ER, still in my pajamas. He got one of his wounds cleaned out. Picked him up later, stopped at Walmart for a new med (visit with doc yesterday for GERD) and requested a transfer of records to a cardiologist in Hyannis. Trifecta in Falmouth, good.

Brought him to Stop & Shop for Tramadol and an antibiotic. Only the antibiotic had been filled. Based on the after-care written information he got at the ER, he thought the PA at Falmouth put a stop to his Tramadol.

I went nuts, talked to one of the Medical Directors who was extremely helpful and sympathetic.

Turns out, his doctor’s office – once again – failed to call the pharmacy.

I’m done. This screwed up my plans to visit gardens in Eastham today, but to be honest, I wasn’t much in a mood to “intrude” on the idle (or worse, new) rich.

Have been having a great dialogue, on the phone and on Facebook, with a sympatico woman in her 70’s in Mashpee. We agree on the state of the Town in every way we’ve discussed so far.